CD/DVD Drive Won't Read Certain Discs.

Hello, bought my new Vaio FW two nights ago and was importing audio CD's into iTunes for about an hour when I ran into this. I insert a disc (Tool's Undertow) into the drive and nothing happens at all; the CD/DVD drive does not show up in My Computer as it does when I insert other discs. A friend suggested there is anti-pirating encoding on the disc or that the disc is scratched, but the disc is brand new, and I've imported all of Tool's other albums without problems (all original CD's, no copies). Also, another thing that leads me to believe this is not what's causing the problem is that when this first started, this was happening with another disc (Braveheart soundtrack), and I originally inserted another disc, which read without problem, tried Braveheart again, and it worked. But for the life of me I cannot get my computer to read Undertow.

- I've uninstalled the drivers and let Windows (7 64bit) reinstall them again on startup.
- I've checked the driver, it said it was working, it searched online for updates and is up to date.
- I've downloaded all available updates to Windows 7.
- I've downloaded all available updates for Sony Vaio, including a BIOS update (I do not know what a BIOS update is, btw) direct from
- I've chatted with a Sony tech support technician, who referred me to a "more qualified" Sony tech support technician, who gained remote access to my computer, apparently couldn't figure this out, and promptly referred me to this troubleshooting page and closed the chat box (thanks a lot): - on which I did every step, nothing.

Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm scratching my head here. Thanks!

- Nolan
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  1. I would test the drive and disc with a utility like Opti Drive Control.
    Run the transfer rate test and check if it returns an error.
  2. Hello. Fixed it, what worked was rubbing the CD briskly on my clothes. Did it have to do with static, or something? =\

    I appreciate your time.
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