Unlocking cores on an AMD Penom II 550 BE (batch 0924BPMW)

Ok everyone! I realize this may not be the right place to post this...

But...... this seemed the most appropriate place to post.

So I have a 550 Black Edition mounted on a MA770T-UD3P with flashed bios F3c. I have 4 GB of good RAM, verified using the processor as a straight dual core.

My new build works fine... as a dual core. But everytime I try to unlock the cores my W7 freezes at Windows startup screen. :cry:

I realize it's a crapshoot on getting a processor that will unlock the cores.
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  1. Add some voltage my friend ;)
  2. Phenom II: Unlocking Cores, Cache, And A Free Lunch : Introduction

  3. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=227004


    bad mojo on that batch, 3 total reported, 2 fail and 1 successful.
  4. make that 3 fails..... grrrrrrrr

    I cranked it up incrementally all the way up to 1.7........ windows started to do something but the comp shut off.

    ok... guess I will OC it for now and replace in the future
  5. well dude, tough luck on these lol, I know if i see a 0922APMW I will pick that sucker up right away, but they seems to be rare atm lol, they are one of the older batches that had high unlock percentages.
  6. well it overclocks well.... got it at 3.82 and stable. not a bad little bugger actually. I know the Athlon II x2 250 is suposed to OC better and it is cheaper.... but resale on my 550 then buy a new CPU now wouldn't make any sense. at 3.82 Ghz it does everything I ask of it now and screams through it.

    I will hang onto it until the x4 965 comes down to $160 or so. ~6 months I think.
  7. or as soon as I5s hit the shops.....
  8. not an intel fan.....
  9. but, the prices will drop when i5 hits

    or so they say, I have no clue how good a dual core with HT is going to unthron a true quad core, but the true quads (with or w/o HT) on 1156 will be a pita for AMD...

    and if they have 80 dollar overclockable mobos out there with it, then AMD is bound to drop prices or else they cannot compete.
  10. Very interesting...my 550 unlocked on a very similar setup...
    Check these threads out, if you're interested...
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