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First off, Gooday all!

I'm starting to put a decent gaming computer together, so far I've picked out a CPU, Motherboard and RAM and need suggestions on a Graphics Card.

This is what I have got so far: - RAM - Motherboard - CPU

I'm only looking to spend about £400 Max, I have a monitor, Harddrive, keyboard, mouse etc from my old computer. If these are faily decent componants for the price then my only suggestion is what Gfx card should I go for, looking to spend no more than £150 - 200. Any suggestions for what could replace what I already have got would be appreciated if I've gone off the track.

Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Corsair 4GB DDR2-800 £70 //the one you picked
    E8400 OEM £120 //no HSF
    GA-EP43-DS3L £69 //has PCI-E 2
    HD 4850 £124
    AC Freezer 7 Pro £15
    Total £398

    Overclock that E8400 a bit too, if you want.
  2. Also look at this Sapphire HD 4870.

    You'd end up spending £450 instead of £398 in total, but it's a faster video card and I think it's worth it for a gaming PC, especially since you won't have the Crossfire option with that motherboard. It also has a dual-slot cooler, which is a very good thing. I hope you can afford the extra £50.
  3. Thanks guys, I see why they're better and not much more money, think I'll be going with the more expensive GFX card, it isnt much more money and looks pretty decent, I greatly appreciate the advise.

    Oh, and yeah I think I will be looking into overcloaking it, I see most get it to 3.5Ghz atleast.
  4. Sorry just one more question, if my chip is say 1333MHz Max Speed Bus, and I get a motherboard which is the same, If I was to overclock the chip will the FSB need to be highier on the motherboard than the chip? or is it not effected?

    Sorry, this is probably a complete noobie question.
  5. +1 for Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro.

    The thermal grease pre-applied on the AC Freezer 7 Pro is either MX-1 or MX-2, so don't worry about getting thermal grease.
  6. The GA-EP43-DS3L has a native fsb of 1600. The E8400 the same, and a multiplier of 9.
    Run the RAM at 400MHz i.e. no overclocking, and you should get 3.6 GHz.

    But, to actually stay stable without overheating at that frequency, you need a high-performance cooler. The Freezer 7 can do about 3.2 GHz AFAIK.

    These two for example are top performers, especially the Noctua, and they're very quiet too. I have a Ninja myself, in fact. Scythe Ninja-PLUS Rev B, £33 Noctua NH-U12P, £43

    The problem with them, apart from price, is that they're huge and you need to make sure they fit in your case. They're also harder to install than the Freezer.
  7. Ok, I got all my stuff ready to order, just ogt to find a fan, think I will go with a ninja too but im not sure if it'll fit in my case (which I dont want to replace just yet) so I'll measure it up. thanks for all your Aevm you've been a massive help!
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