Low 3dMark06 Score W/8800GT

My system specs are 600W CoolerMaster, E8400 Dual Core 3.0GhZ, 4G @ 800MhZ RAM, and an EVGA 8800GT @ 675/1687/910.

I just ran 3DMark06 for the first time last night and got an extremely low score of 4600. I looked around some forums and even the similar system in the 3dmark06 itself says that most are around 11000marks. I was just wondering if there are some options that I don't have turned on or something I need to turn off. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. Need more info.

    Most likely your CPU is to hot or not supported by the Bios, but knowone knows on the lack of info.
  2. What else do you need? Driver and BIOS versions?
  3. are you sure you're plugged into a PCI-E x16 slot?
  4. Yes, my Asus P5N-E SLI mobo only has two PCI-E x16 slots. It also on the closest to the CPU. CPU runs at 35C idle and around 45C under pressure.
  5. 6 pin power plugged into the card?
  6. Yep
  7. what BIOS version are you running for your motherboard?
  8. Phoenix Technologies, LTD ASUS P5N-E SLI ACPI BIOS Revision 0901, 2/1/2008
  9. yeah. something is wrong.
    with an AMD x2 6000+ and an 8800gt i get almost 12000.
  10. LordOfTheBees said:
    What else do you need? Driver and BIOS versions?

    Bios version probably doesn't matter much, video driver and OS generally help, but your score is far to low to consider that.
    You could also try posting the breakdown;
    My stock score
    3Dmarks 12782
    SM2.0 6050
    SM3.0 5905
    CPU 2810
  11. Yes definately break down your score so we can see if its a cpu issue or video card issue.

    If your cpu is running cool and all cores are showing in CPU-z its probably a video issue.

    Use GPU-Z and make sure your video is running at 16x and not 1x.
  12. I had to reseat(physically remove and reinstall) a card because it somehow was running at 2x. Never did it again after. The slot or card must have been dirty.

    I just happened to be looking in cpu-z(on the mainboard tab) and say pci-e 2x. No wonder debris(the coolest tech 177k demo ever made) ran like crap. Oddly many games did not have much effect even at 2x.

  13. GPU-Z says PCI-E x16 @ x1, I'm guessing that's correct?
  14. LordOfTheBees said:
    GPU-Z says PCI-E x16 @ x1, I'm guessing that's correct?

    No, it should read PCI-E x16 @ x16
  15. @x1? That should be @x16. No wonder it's running slow.
  16. Any idea how to fix it? :D
  17. reseat the card. Like nukemaster said he did
  18. Try to reseat the card.

    Try to change it to 16x in Bios.

    If not you might have to mess with pci e speed in bios. Google PCI e x1 for your boards model number, I'm sure others had a similar issue.
  19. Reseating the card did not help, nor could I find anything in the BIOS about changing it to x16.
  20. There might not be a setting but alot of times there is.

    Otherwise a increase in PCI-E frequency helps. Look it up on google, its not hard.
  21. Alright, a quick look into your manual shows no control over the PCI-E speed(its 16 and 8 for dual cards once you flip that card between the slots).

    Do you still have your old card? can you install it and check the speed?
  22. I think your motherboard is defective. RMA time :(
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