which should i buy? 9800gt or hd4850??

hi guys.. i play pc games at only 1440*900 resolution.. however i want to play at max graphic detail setting & max AA & AF for every pc games( include crysis).. however i want to play them with 100% no lag.. Even a little lag will drive me insane.. initially i'm thinking of buying gtx 260 but they said the directx 11 is coming out at next year.. therefore the gtx 260 will be a waste when dx11 released.. as i'm only a school boy, i don't have much money to afford twice high end vga cards.. so which one should i buy? 9800gt or hd4850??
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  1. 4850 hands down.

    make sure your cpu wont bottleneck it, and your psu can handle it.
  2. WHAT?

    Direct-X 11 will be supported by ALL Direct-X 10 hardware.

    Either way,if it was 9800 GT vs. HD 4850,it would be HD4850.
  3. The 4850 is the better choice, but understand it won't play crysis max graphics max AA. And don't worry about DX11, game makers are barely started with dx10
  4. if money is a issue get 9800GT.it will max out all games currently available now and in near future with no problems at ur resolution.
    but if u wan ur gpu 2 last longer by atleast 6mnths or so, get 4850.

    DX11 will suppoert in dx10.1 hardware.
  5. DX11 will support DX10, but DX10 cards will only have available what they have now. The 4850 is a DX10.1 card, having several things current DX10 only cards dont. So, when DX11 comes out, youll get more out of a DX10.1 card, as it has more sbilities. The 4850 is a great card, and I would chose that, as it also has DX10.1 and is faster
  6. ^Agreed. You wont go wrong with the 4850.
  7. I see how worried you are, so many howevers...
    4850 owns today my boy.
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