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Hello there, i got big problem with my screen resolution. I can't change it. My PC is Sony VAIO Intel pentium 4 inside. Few days ago i turned my pc on and i saw the message on black screen. The mesage was: 1: Analog input cannot display this video mode. I tryed to Shut it off and on again and it was no changes. Than i deside to use my reinstallation sc to repair defaults in my system. The reinstallation CD i have is not the original manufacturers CD that comes with computer but its Windows XP professional, the same thing i had in it earlyer.After the proces of repairing was done, the message was gone but the picture was bad quality. when i go to Display properties/settings, to screen resolution, isaw that the resolutionwas automaticly set on lowest level which ic 640 by 480 pixles and i cant drag the slide to specify the screen resolution and the color was also set on Lowest level on only 4 bit and i cant change it. I tried to go on ADVANCED/Monitor/Propertise and there is the properties buton but it won't open when i click on it. Please Help me A.S.A.P. because this computer is one of the MAIN computers in my music productions Studio. Thank you up front...
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  1. You need to reinstall the drivers.
  2. +1^ Since you used a generic Windows disk, it does not come with drivers for your hardware.

    Go online to Sony's site and download the drivers for your model. Start with BIOS, Chipset, then video and audio. You may not even have any network drivers working, get those as well.
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