Usb Device Name and Driver Help please

hi all.
i am in need of some help with something.
basiclly i have 2x "usb arm kits" (that you build yourself) and can control it via usb cable and software that comes with it.
i have managed to install the software twice to open 2 windows of the same control screens (hopefully meaning left and right arm controls).
i have installed the driver for the arms and indervidually they work spot on... however... when they are both plugged in, only one will work, and only one software program will see the device... the other wont see a device (although it is connected).
I have seen that other people have had simular problems with identical webcams or identical ext hdd.

I may be wrong... but is the way forward with this to do the following?:
in 'device manager' change the name of one of the arms to 'arm' and 'arm2', and then associate the original driver (but copy it and rename the copyed driver from 'armdriver' to 'armdriver2'
there for it will see 2 different devices not 2 of the same.
If this would be the case, how would i go about doing this as this is a little out of my computer tallents.
also would the 2 programs to use the arms on my pc open one for the left arm, and the other for the right arm?

i can navigate my way around a pc well, but not fully into the pc talk. running windows 7 also.
any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I could be way off here but it's worth checking first in Control Panel>System>Device Manager>USB Ports that these two devices aren't both plugged into the same hub. If they are, they may collectively exceed the 500mA each port can handle. Click the Power tab for each port to find the devices and move one to a different port as necessary.

    While you're in Devices check the Power management tab and untick "Allow the computer to turn this device off" - saves a lot of messing around later.

  2. i will have a look at the power tab settings.
    i originally had them both plugged into the front 2 usb ports on my pc... but i then thourght about this and pluged one in the front, and one in the back of my pc... same problem unfortunatly.
    if any one has had a problem with using 2 identical devices (what ever they are) but simular problem, i would love to hear how they got around it to make them both work at the same time. i could always try to follow a simular setup (even if it was 2 webcams of the same make) that some one else managed so please forward any ideas.
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