Help newbie homebuild won't boot

Is there a FAQ or BKM on building a system?
So far all i can get it the green light on the mother board and nothing else. on my new system

troubleshooting i took everything out and tried just power to the MB and graphics card trying to see the boot bias screen on the monitor... no luck

I tried just power to one of the fans ->no luck?
Is there a FAQ or BKM on building a system?

NEW ITEMS in the system:
CPU QX9650
VGV CARD= Sapphire 100237 HD3650 (HGMI only with VGA adaptor plug)
HD =WD 7K 16M SATAQ2500
MEM= 2Gx2 corsair
CASE= antek 900

DVD = +- Plextor IDE
DVD2 = reader IDE
HD2 =200gb IDE.
Monitor (VGA )
Operating system = window XP (not installed yet)

Do i have to use the insulated washers when screwing down the mother board? that was the boot problem i had 10 year ago on the last system i built...

i there a step by step check out to build a system? (crawl before i walk check out for the parts)
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  1. jeepcrd2010 if you plug up just mobo video and ram does the fan on power supply run?also can try one stick of ram with this config.also if you don't get a power on light on the front of your pc case.may have them plugged in wrong.when powering up you should get one post beep.

    also may want try unplugging the dvd drive ad there cables then try booting up have heard bad dvd cable causeing strange boot ups!also unplugging ide hd and try booting up.make sure you have headers for power on and speaker etc are correct.this is the cables for your case.hope this helps you out.
  2. Really the only thing I can think of is make sure ALL your wiring is done correctly. It might just be best to take it all out, and redo all the wiring. As major53 asked, is the fan on your PSU running?
  3. thank no the powersupply fad does not spin... I go get another try it out
  4. Well that means your PSU is pooched!
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