What DVD drive should I get?

I am building my first custom computer and I'm wondering what is a good brand for a DVD Burner/Reader. Do I just need a burner? and if so what is a good brand?

So far I know that I will have Windows 7 Professional 64bit installed on it.
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  1. Plextor and Pioneer used to be the top brands for optical drives but now just any brand will do.
    There's virtually no price or performance difference between a reader and a burner so if you need two drives (for direct disc copying for example) you might just as well get two burners.
  2. My first choice is Samsung. My close second choice is LG.
  3. jsc said:
    My first choice is Samsung. My close second choice is LG.

    I bought a Samsung and it died after 2 months.just replaced it with a LG and it won't burn cd or dvd.,so theyre great...
  4. I have 11 Samsung sh-s223f, average.
    When running dvdinfopro, not average quality rating, sometimes very high PIFs.
    Just bought Pioneer DVR-S18LBK, getting good quality burns, average 97 t 98% quality; LG (forgot brand), poor quality; Sony Optiarc AD-7241S, average quality. All burned using similar media (not the best money can buy though). After a few thousands of burns, I have to say, not all burners are equal.
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