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I am running dual monitor and have come accross a problem when I load a piece of software, its seems to go onto a third screen (I only have 2 screens so dont know where the software is going) and I cant seem to bring it onto either of the 2 actual screens I have any ideas?

Windows xp - 1 monitor on the build on motherboard graphics card (VGA) 1 monitor on the added on ATI graphics card (DVI)
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  1. Right-click an open area of the desktop.
    Choose Properties
    Click the Settings tab
    Use the drop-down box to select monitors.
    Check the box that says "Extend my Widows desktop to this monitor" as you choose monitors.
    Click "Identify" and each monitor will have it's number displayed on the screen.

    If your laptop has another video out connector, it will appear as a choice, don't extend desktop that one if it is not in use.
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