4850 Crashes

Hello I have 2 Crossfire 4850's. Everytime I run either Crysis or COD4 the game crashes at some point. Sometimes 5 minutes in sometimes 45 minutes in sometimes with a really high pitch noise and is usually at the loading screen with the little intel videos when it crashes in single player. Its a really annoying problem because I always have to hard reboot, I would really appreciate some help.
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  1. What's the make & model of psu?

    Open Catalyst, ATI overdrive, play the game for 30 mins, switch back to Catalyst using ALT-TAB. Watch the temp. Could be overheating.
  2. I don't know if thats it though cuz I have duorbs cooling them at like 45 degrees idle
  3. Sounds like either PSU or driver issues.
    Have you tried different drivers?
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