PCI Card and power suply

Hi everyone im new to upgrading computers and i was wondering if anyone could answer two questions for me? I have an old Dell Dimension 2400. The Specs are:

CPU: 2.66ghz pentium 4.

Motherboard: Processor Supported: Intel 478-Pin processor, 400Mhz FSB
Chipset: Intel 845GV chipset
Videocard: Integrated Intel Extreme graphics
Sound: Integrated Soundmax Sound
Memory Supported: DDR memory (one module)
Networking: Integrated 10/100 Ethernet

RAM: 1 gig of DDR memory

Video Card: Intel Extreme Graphics (Onboard graphics) shares 64mb of video memory.

Hard Drive: 120gb total memory

And i have a 200watt or 250 watt psu.

I was wondering if this graphic card:



this graphic card:


would work on my computer with only 200 or 250 watt power suply i dont realy want to try to upgrade the psu because i am trying to upgrade my dads computer and i dont want anything to go wrong. I was also wondering if both are able to work on my computer, which one is better for games like Sims 2(and expansions) and world of warcraft.

Any help would be apreciated.
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  1. err you posted the same card... idk if i was you i wouldnt bother...why would you need a gfx card upgrade anyway? if i was you i'd just build another system...
  2. oops sorry i ment to post


    I dont realy want to make a whole new computer considering i just want to play older games i just want to be able to play them with the settings up a bit.
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