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I just got a new computer from dell which is an xps 435t. I have never overclocked anything in my life but i noticed that under the ati catalyst control there is a slider for the GPU clock and a slider for the Memory clock. Do i just move the slider to a setting and click ok and its overclocked or is there more? If that is all there is how far could i move the sliders and it still be alright heat wise because i only have stock cooling. My cards GPU clock is 625 with a maximum of 700 and the Memory clock is 993 with a maximum of 1200 If the specs for my system matter they are a 17 920, 6gig ram, 4850 1gig, and a 475watt power supply.
Thanks for any replies!
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  1. GOOGLE is your friend.

    YOu have to do trial and error to see how far you can oc it.
  2. dont you have to get into the cards bios and change it there so it stays permenant?
  3. and theres an auto tune options which automatically overclocks for you, It finds the max and then backs down one for sure stability.
  4. now if i click auto tune will it be permanant or can i put it back on default and no 1 will ever know? it will void the warranty if i overclock it but if i overclock it then put it back will they be able to tell a difference if i have to send the computer in for something?
  5. ah cant help you with that as i dont know if they will be able to tell.
  6. oh and you can put it back on default once you overclock it, and the overclock is not permanent as its only to test and see how far you can push it. But if you want to make it permanent you got to get into the cards bios or at least thats what i read.
  7. all you do is click auto tune and save it when its done... and it is set... your done
    you can set it yourself and test whether it is stable then just apply and it is set
    you can put it back to stock any time you want.. you don't have to mess with bios or anything
    just double check your temps once in a while, 4850's are notorious for getting clogged with dust, i have 2 and i know.... also, i don't recommend running the fan manually, setting it higher just results in it getting filler with dust faster

    the stable clocks all depend on your GPU, its the luck of a draw, mine are quite good as you can see on my sig (actually i need to update that, its now running 685/1150)
  8. I got the HIS 4850 1 gb card a few months ago. This is a great card with the 55nm process, and very low heat generation.

    I put mine at 690 mz for the core clock, but didnt touch the memory settings since there is no heatsinks on the memory chips, but i have great case ventilation and the memory is cool enough.

    What i did to overclock was download rivatuner (latest version from http://downloads.guru3d.com/ ). Open the monitoring feature only with the graphs to view your core and memory temps and gpu usage during play. The graphs show like the last 10 minutes of play, and play away and check your temps to make sure they dont overheat, I keep mine below 60 deg. Do not, i repeat not, use this for overclocking your ati card, only monitoring. You can have stable overclock during the autotune process, but in real life after playing for a while the case temps rise and then you get artifacts because of heat that the autotune would not catch.
  9. yea auto tune sucks as the post above me said it overclocked my card to 690 and 1188 which was great and in some games it works fine and everythings good but i tried left 4 dead and i got square pixel boxes, then i decided to set it back to defaults and it worked fine so i need to overclock it myself and run a diff program to see if its stable.
  10. huh... i overclocked it higher then auto tune suggested and works fine lol
  11. hmm i dont know why but for me it did not work i ran it twice to see if it would choose the same specs and it did. So i dont know why i get pixelated boxes in some games. Weird
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