4870 Crossfire Woes- Help!

Right, recently got a new system the basic specs of which are:

X38 Chipset mobo
8gb DDR2 Ram
2x 4870's
Vista 64bit
Antec 1200 gaming case

Now I had the well documented problem with the 4870's and vista 64bit where the fan speed is set to be much too low (was running 78 degrees while idle!) and I did the fix which uses CCC to maually increase the speed. HOWEVER this works but only to a point, because the fix only affects one of my cards- the fan speed of my second card stays stupidly low, So while I play a game one runs nice and cool but the other one overheats and crashes the system which isn't ideal to say the least.

Anybody have any ideas how I can manually force the fan speed of the second card up to match the first? Thanks.
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  1. auscanzukus said:

    Unfortunately as I explained this is what I have already done, but it only affects the fan of ONE of the cards so the second overheats even with this. What I was asking for was a way to control the fan of BOTH cards not just one. Thanks anyway though.
  2. know little about 64bit system
    would anyone give some explain on this ?
  3. ^lol chinese english...never fails to amuse.
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