Phenom 9850BE overclocking

Evening all,

Im new to overclocking and have achieved so far on my M2n32 SLi Deluxe mobo:

I have my 9850BE @ 2.9GHz with 207MHz FSB @ 1.3125v and its 47*c Idle and around 59*c under load on prime 95.

Got 4x1Gb OCZ SLi Ready 1066MHz Ram on 800MHz Divider @ 828MHz / 4-4-4-12 timings @ 2.1v 2:1ratio

Is this a good overclock???

I dont know what to do with anything else ie. HTLink, NB, SB, PCIEx??????? All new to me wouldnt know where to start... Anyone got any helpful advice, tips etc....???

NOW what im after is breaking 3.0GHz and hopefully by doing it with a higher FSB as 207 isnt particularly great and my RAM can go further than this.

Just wondering if anyone can post their settings for a successful 3.0GHz+ overclock for pheonom 9850BE so i can try this myself.

Thanks alot, Dean
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  1. This forum is utter cack! i have yet to recieve ANY useful information of ANYONE yet regarding 2 problems!
  2. sorry about not responding at all, but you have to understand that it takes time for anyone to respond.

    outside of that, your temps are looking fine for now, i would suggest bumping up the multiplier by .5 first, if it isn't stable, then raise the voltage a bit. as for the original phenoms like you have, its not to bad to be frank.
  3. Smoggy,

    I too have a 9850BE and the best I have done is 2.8 with only voltage and multiplier changes.

    My next suggestion would be to work with your memory...maybe loosen the timings to 4-5-5-15 or just 5-5-5-15. This may give some wiggle room for the processor......

    Another thought is giving some more voltage to the HT link....just a bit....and speeding that up to maybe 2200 mhz.

    The older phenom's had pretty severe limitations......needing alot more power to get respectable overclocks.


  4. Another thought is......the older Southbridges seemed to hinder overclocking for the 1st gen phenoms. The AMD SB 600 is what I have which is known to prevent high overclocking gains.

    I have read that the Advanced Clock Calibration (ACC) on the newer AMD SB700 series boards corrected the issues and allowed for 3.0ghz and higher OC for the 9850 and 9950 phenoms.

    As for your board.....I dont know alot about the Nvidia chipsets....been AMD man all my life.

    Hope that helps :)

  5. Who do you think you are Smoggy12345??? Don't come on this board with an attitude like that young man. Do you even know what you are going on about? Maybe that's why you got no replies. Idiot.
  6. I just OC'ed my 9850 BE to a stable 3,1 GHz. 14x; 1,425V; 222MHz. Prime95 won't bring it down. I have a good CPU cooler and a good ventilated case, though (M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard).
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