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Hey everyone,

I'm looking into building a new computer and I've been reading up on tomshardware a lot and from what I've seen EVERYONE here overclocks their stuff. The new 965 Just came out at 3.4 ghz I'm wondering if i get a 955 and overclock it just a bit to leave it at 3.4 will it be the exact same thing as a 965 which hasn't been overclocked? How much would i be reducing the lifespan of the processor (and system in general) if i did this, and would i need a better cpu cooler than the one that comes with the processor? Is it almost risk free if i OC just a little instead of pushing it to 3.8 or 3.9, or is it the exact same thing?

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  1. I wouldnt worry about it...aslong as your careful and keep temps below 61*c you should be fine even at higher overclocks.
  2. my 955 is at 3.6 on a shitty air cooler (tt spinq sux) you should b just fine with 3.4 on stock
  3. In some benchmarks, it appears the 965 actually loses some performance overclocked. Not a lot of headroom, in my opinion.

    Your best bet? If seriously interested in overclocking, get a Ph II X4 940 BE (for $190) and overclock to 3.4 Ghz. You can do this on stock cooling and without raising voltages, just a multiplier adjustment. Then you can decide if you're apt to look into oc'ing more.

    Ultimately even a slight overclock could possibly reduce processor life. Enthusiasts oc their processors because they can, and because they change them every year. Sometimes even more often.
  4. Hmm thanks buzznut ill look into the 940 BE, i'll be buying it in mid september by then i suppose i5 will come out and all the phenom prices should drop some.
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