pentium extreme 3.2 and core 2 e8400

I will be replacing my 2003 pentium 4 extreme, 3.2 ghz system (system bus 800 mhz, L3 cache 2 mb, components from same period) with e8400 core 2 How do the two processors generally compare in speed, games, etc?
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  1. They Don't

    Your old P4 is the equivalent of a mid 1950's Mercede's SL, nice at the time and probably still works ok, The core2 acrhitechture is a fuel injected engine on a carbon fibre chassis.

    There is a hell of a lot more to consider than just clock speeds, the core2 architechture was a massive step up from the centrino / P4 architechtures available at the time, it was massively more efficient in terms of processing and power consumption.

    I rememeber reading the reviews at the time and I couldnt actually believe what intel had done with core2 was possible, probably the biggest evolution in processor technology since the original pentium.

    So there. :)
  2. you will feel the power with the E8400. the E8400 is way faster than the P4 in any way, its a new architecture.
  3. They are hard to even compare. I don't think you'd even be able to find benchmarks to compare them the E8400 is so much faster.
  4. comparing those two is like comparing a honda civic to a ferrari F430. the core architechture is far superior to the netburst architechture.
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