How many years does your OC cpu last?

In your experience, how many years can a CPU with 10-15% overclock last?

Is there any longevity difference between a stock speed cpu and an OC cpu if both operate at the same temperature?

I was hoping to buy maybe a Phenom II X3 720 BE (stock 2.8 ghz) and run it at 3.1 Ghz or, a 955 BE (stock 3.1 Ghz) and run it at 3.4 Ghz at least and still have the comp running in 4-5 years.

My first impression of the BE processors is that AMD probably intended them to be overclocked.

So maybe with adequate cooling, meaning that for a max temperature of 62 degrees, if I never go above 60 Celsius, can the 955 BE last 5 years at 3.4 Ghz?
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  1. i dont know about 10-15% overclock but i had an e4500 that was almost 2 yrs old running @ 3.5ghz; stock is 2.2 i believe. That cpu is still working, o gave it to a friend who has it running @ 3.4ghz, this chip has always been watercooled.
  2. "'Is there any longevity difference between a stock speed cpu and an OC cpu if both operate at the same temperature? ""

    No, If you are running the CPU within the normal Voltage limits and the Temperature is under the limts as well in theory it will run as long as a processor not OC'd.

    Heat and Voltage kill a processor... If you are within the normal limits the processor will last long time.
  3. Hi speed is not as big of an issue as voltages are, the Vdrop that occurs in electronics will cause electronics to consume more power thus creating more heat. Clock cycles also increase heat as the cpu will do more work but if you can control it then it will last you many years. grieve already described all that info.
  4. If your within the CPU spec and the temps are good ... gonna last for YEARS.
  5. Your CPU will not last as long as if it is clocked at normal speeds, but the difference in length of operation is negligible given that the development/product cycles are typically shorter than the total life of your product, so its useful life may end up only being 4-5 years anyways, even though your processor could last 8 years overclocked and 10 years at stock speeds (just as an example). And the bonus is that your hardware runs at exactly the same speed until the moment it dies, so your processor won't deteriorate slowly because of overclocking.

    Also, yes, the Black Edition processors were designed specifically for overclocking, and on all the second edition and newer processors a 300MHz overclock is almost nothing. So, overclock as you will (just be careful with your voltage levels) and enjoy your computer until you need to pop in another part. It's always cheaper to buy mainstream and OC and just replace a part or two every few years to get yourself running at optimum speed.
  6. Im oced to 3.825 under my chip VID ....

    VID : 1.2375
    Vcore : 1.206 under load ( LLC enabled 1.2175 Vcore bios )

    WCed this chip sleeps at under 30c all the time and in the lowe 40 while gaming or high 40 is the game is really intensive. Only ITB-Prime-OCCT can take it over 50c.

    I dont think this cause "real" damage to the chip.

    If your chip last 10 years non oced and 5 years OCed... a 5 years old chip is really OLD and you need a new system now ! ( and im speaking of 50% faster death here ...... i dont think a "normally" oced chip will die this fast ... )
  7. Alright, thanks for the info everyone. Now that I know that OCing is safe for the cpu if I am careful, I'll definitely OC it when I buy a new one.

    I might buy my new PC in october. Right now the Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0 Ghz costs 199 CAN, maybe by October the 955 BE's price will drop to 199 CAN, then I will pick it up and OC it.

    It gets cold where I live so the CPU won't run too hot :D I'll try to find the Scythe Mugen 2 cooler freezed1 recommended in another thread since it got nice reviews and good price, as well as install pics on the web. If I can get my hands on one of those I might try to OC it to 3.7 Ghz or as far as I can without going over the recommended voltage.

    I heard that AMD cpus have a hard time going past 4 Ghz on 64-bit OS anyway, I'll aim for 3.7 Ghz or 3.9 Ghz tops.
  8. Wait for Core I5, they are supposed to sell under 200$ and the OC potential seems good.

    if not, the AMD Phenom 955 is a good chip :D. a friend of me have one and he run this chip @ 3.6 on stock cooling with decent temp.
  9. Increases in clock speed alone have negligible effects. Heat will affect lifespan somewhat but probably not enough to notice within its useful lifespan. Voltage can kill a processor quickly if it is high enough, but within a reasonable range of stock voltages it should still allow the CPU to outlive its usefulness.
  10. I junked my still functional 11 year old P233MMX (OC'd to 333 MHz for the past 5 or 6 years) last summer. This summer, I junked my still working Abit BH6 motherboard and Intel 300A Celeron (OC'd to 450 MHz).

    It's been my experience that if you watch the volts and the temps, your CPU is going to be obsolete long before it dies.
    Overclocking since 1978 - Z80 (TRS-80) from 1.77 MHz to 2.01 MHz
    Junked that just before I left Germany in '93 (US Army).
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