Storage options for use in 3d design (SSDs or Hdds)

Well , my name's Abel , i am a 25 years old boy from Spain interested in upgrade the hard disk of my computer.

I have a computer with this specs :

Asus P5E3 Deluxe Wifi-AP Mobo
CPU Intel Quadcore Q6600
Nvidia Quadro FX 570 graphic card
Hard Disk Seagate 750 Gb 7200rpm 16 Mb cache
Memory 2GB Kingston DDR3 1333 MHZ (KVR1333D3N9/2G) (I had 2 x 2G modules , but with one i had problems)
Sagitta Tacens Case
Tacens Valeo Smart 560 Power Supply .

Linux X86_64 OS (Mostly used Centos 5.3 x86_64 and Debian 5.0.3 x86_64)

This computer , i bought it about one year and a half ago or a bit more , to do a 3d design Course, and because i liked 3d design (Modeling , rendering and like).

The software i use for modeling is Autodesk Maya Unlimited 2009 x86_64 edition.

I want to change my actual Hard disk Seagate 750 Gb 7200rpm 16 Mb cache , by something better , in the first time i thought to just buy 2 WD Caviar black 500Gb Disks to do a Raid 0 for storage , and 1TB disk to do full backups each month and incremental backups each two weeks or less (I have to investigate more about it).

But then i started thinking in other options , and now , i think that could be interesting to have a disk for the OS and another disk for storage (So for hold /home partition , and perhaps other partitions like /tmp , for example)

At the moment for the Os disk i think there are four possibilities:

1. Use a SSD disk of 100GB - 160 GB (For example Intel X25-M 160GB)
2. Use two smaller SSD disks (32- 64 GB ) in Raid 0 (For example OCZ SSD 60 Gb Solid Series, or other brands)
3. Use two WD Velociraptors 150 GB in Raid 0 (WD1500HLFS)
4. Use one WD Velociraptor 150GB / 300GB (WD1500HLFS / WD3000HLFS)

For storage , i am thinking in use (Perhaps not buying all at same time , but planning for future)

- 2 x 1TB Samsung F3 Hdds in raid 0
- One 1,5 TB WD Caviar Green HDD plus my old disk for Backups (At least until be able to buy a 2 TB disk for backup, as i will not fill the raid storage in 1 month , could work).

As my budget is 500 € (about 455 GBP ), if i buy two 30-60 Gb SSds or one bigger SSD , i won't have money for the Samsungs F3s and the backup HDD , but i could buy it in January, and buy the SSDs in December.

If i Buy two 150 Gb Velociraptors or one 300GB Velociraptor i will have money for all i think.

But my priority is get a good HDD / SSD for the OS , for have a faster OS , or more performance, mainly when modeling or rendering (Mostly modeling , as i am learning to modeling in Maya now (well , two year ago , i did a 3d Course , and know i want to re-start with Maya , remember what i learned , and learn more)

So if i have to wait a bit to buy the storage disk s ,and i have to spend 300 to 455 GBP in a SSD disk or two , if this is what i need , should not be a problem.

I have read that SSDs when are used , their performance decrease a bit, or perhaps more than a bit, because the cells that have the SSDs start to be full of written bits, and that there is a command called TRIM used to "clean" that written bits so be able to write new data in the SSDs.

I know that Linux haven't implemented TRIM yet in the Core or the System , by the moment , but that OCZ SSDs have a app called , that is a script used to call the Trim command in a manual way or like.

But i don't know if there are similar things for Intel or other Brand SSDs , and how will perform once the SSD is used , or how be able to trim it , so be able to still have a good performance.

I have read a bit about SSDs , Velociraptors , and like , but i don't know what is better for 3d design . I know that SSDs are faster ,and access times are better than anything , but i dont know if for 3d design / modeling is Important the Sequential IOps the Random Io¡Ops , the MB/s or what.

I suppose that in 3d , mainly when you now how to modeling , the files used , are big, not small , so although i am still learning perhaps is interesting a storage system that is able to move big fies in less time.

I don't know how to decide what is better for my requirements , although i am reading a lot , and investigating so , i write this topic , asking a bit of help and advice about what is better for me.

Thanks :)
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  1. No one can help me a bit about select a type of storage for using in 3d modeling / rendering ? . Could be a SSD useful to hold the OS and the basic 3d software , or i stick better with a traditional hard drive like a Velociraptor.
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