E8400 VS Q9400

The Q9400 is now only $100 more than an E8400 and I wonder if it might be worth it for future proofing and multitasking. I don't need the bonus cores yet, but since later processors would probably require a new system anyway, could I spend $100 now to avoid that?

I expect the E8400 is better when not taking advantage of the extra cores, but by how much? How much hotter is the Q9400 than the E8400, famous for its overclocking and stability?
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  1. What do you usually do on your computer? If you only use it primarily for gaming, I would say E8400 is enough. But again, if you want future proof, you might want to wait a bit for the Nehalem (which LGA775 is being discontinued).

    Personally I favor quad cores over dual cores, but it really depends on your applications.
  2. Hard to justify the Q right now, with Nehalem right around the corner...

    Save the $100 now, get the 8400, OC to 3.8, and put the Benjamin to work on the new cpu AND mobo you need for the socket change....
  3. I don't do a lot of quad-core apps (graphics/encoding) but may at some point.

    Would a quad significantly improve multitasking?

    I'm most curious what quad is "equivalent" to E8400 when using 2 cores.
  4. If you want a quad, you should get the Q6600. Same price as the E8500, and its a BEAST!
  5. Will a Quad show significant improvements in multitasking? No, as most games ans applications don't use more than one core.
    I will say that the Q6600 is an outstanding value if you do start to use programs that use more than one core. It's a great OC'er and worth the money. With a good motherboard the Q6600 will OC by .5 gig or more.
    Nothing in computers is future proof.
  6. ^+1

    My cheapy p35 mobo went easily to FSB 1420MHz pushing my Q6600 to 3.2GHz. It does go much further with no complaints, except from me about the temperature of my legs under my cramped desk!

    Excellent value
  7. welcome to teh futur - dual core cpus' are over its QUAD CORE TIME, fcuk this backward thinking dual core crap

    doomturkey is on the money - Q6600, THEN OVERCLOCK IT TO 3GHZ (stock cooling and everything)

    and btw this multitasking - quads are great for keeping those heavy ass antivirus apps busy while you game or surf etc
  8. You've certainly convinced me.
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