Clone firewire drive to another firewire drive

I'm cloning one 1.5TB firewire 800 drive to a 1.5TB firewire 400 drive. I'm using Chronosync on a Mac. It's been going for over 2 days and so far it copied about 450 GBs. It looks like it's going to take a week.

Is this a normal data transfer rate between two external hard drives?

Is this hard on the original hard drive to be read for 7 days straight? Should I pause it and give it a rest?
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  1. What is on the drives? If just files and no OS, use beyond compare. Otherwise Norton Ghost always went well for me. If you can plug the drives directly into the MOBO for faster transfer.
  2. It's just files. I can wait, but is there any drawback to the slow transfer besides the time?
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    I think you will be fine. Let it do its thing.
  4. Your limiting factor is the FW400, which has a data rate of 400Gbs. If you had 2 FW800 drives then your data rate would be 800Gbs...twice as fast as you are now.
  5. Thanks. I still don't know how to translate this to how much data should be copying in a certain amount of time.

    How long in this scenario should it take to copy 100 Gigabytes worth of material?
  6. Sata to sata is usually like 15-30 min on 7200rpm drive Depends on other things. Could take forever if it errors or you got 50 programs in the background slowing you down.
  7. Agreed, there's something slowing the process down. Even if you're limited by your FW400 drive's bottleneck, it shouldn't take that long to copy "just" 1.5TB.
  8. I don't know what took it so long, but it did take about a week to transfer all that material. I did find it very strange. Next time I will get an eSATA connection to the fw 400 drive because it does have eSATA. At least it finally finished.
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