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Hey guys, I have the following

AMD 5000+ BE, overclocked to 3250 - 250x13 with 1.4125
mem - 1250mhz, 5-5-5-15-24 at 2.2v (or 2.0 i think)

Basically when I first got this proc, I spent some time messing around with overclocking it, this was my max oc with only a volt increase of 1.35 to 1.375 and ram 1.8 to 2.0, after updating the bios, M3A32-wifideluxe AP, my ax went to 3000, for some reason or another I couldnt get back to that 3250, no matter what.

There is a few things I messed out and either could not find or felt it best to leave them as they were - most on auto.

Now, since updating bios to latest, I easily got this oc back to 3250 (about time)

As I know it was the bios holding me back, I think I can now do more with my current setup.

Here's a few things I missed out,

HT multiplyer, cannot find it in the bios, any clue where? I think if I can change this to x4 making my HT speed 1000 rather than 1250, I will have more room to tweak my oc, as well maybe allowing me to take voltages lower again.

Northbus/bridge(sorry cant remember what its called) voltage, help on this too, dont think I can find it.

ClockSkew, was left to auto, rebooted and whatever its changed auto changed it to, I set that manually.

I tried looking for the AMD overclocking guide on here, but I think because its so old, its been removed? lost... Anyone got any llinks?

Current spec:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+ (2 CPUs), ~3.25GHz

Noctua U12P (love the amd bracket)

4096MB RAM

Hard Drive:
C: 74GB, D: 500GB, E: 74GB, F: 500GB Total 1.148 Terabyte, all seperate in IDE mode, but will be changing back to raid raptors soon.

Video Card:
HIS ATI Radeon HD 3870 XT ICEQ3 512MB GDDR4 (PCI-E) - Retail OC'd GPU 900MHz - MEM 1200MHz

22" Neovo H-W22 V2 Widescreen LCD, 1680x1050, DVI, 2000:1 DCR, 300 cd/m2, 3 ms

Sound Card:
Onboard 7.1 (SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio)

Creative Inspire T7900 7.1 Speaker System Dolby EX DTS ES Directsound Ready

Saitek Eclipse 11 Gamer

Razer Lachesis Blue
Mouse Surface:
Razer Exact Mat

Operating System:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (6.1, Build 7100) (7100.winmain_win7rc.090421-1700)

Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe/WiFi-AP

Computer Case:
Akasa Eclipse-62
1 intake fan near the HD's and 1 exaust fan near the cpu

PCPP(aka OCZ in the UK) 750w xfire edition (doesnt really atter what edition it is, but this is the red coloured one)

Thanks for reading and in advance for all replies.

PS - Why am I overclocking again? simple, its made for overclocking, so why not? Im due an upgrade soon, will most likely wait though, let prices of PII come down with SSD's and 48** gfx, I estimate this will be around 2-4 months? so why not oc for the last few months?
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  1. Thanks mate, thats very very very old, but then so is my cpu,

    Meanwhile, check my temps?

    (I couldnt use Overdrive or CPUz during OCCT/Speedfan/Coretemp, it hangs my comp if I do)

    Which one is the right temp for my cpu?
  2. Woah.... 8C??? That's below ambient. Somethings not right. Even the load temps 29C is way too low. Any chance you could measure (the heat sink base) it with a thermometer? 53C looks reasonable for load temps.
  3. LOL, its always been like that, even with my orig hsf, Akasa Ak925.

    Sorry dont have anything to check it with, other than bios, which is something like 5 to 10 above motherboard/case temp, ie case at 25, cpu will be 30 to 35. Trust me its amazed me fro day one, checked it with some guys at OCZ too.

    I will try overdrive and asus's own temp monitoring tool (if I can find it), I cant get AMD Monitor to work (guessing its not compatible with win 7 64).
  4. Tried overdrive but it doesnt show any temps at all, as for asus's temp monitoring, pc probe 2, wont install.
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