4870 vs 9800gx2

I have a 780i mobo and I know that the 4870 does better in benchmarks but since I have that mobo should I just get the 9800gx2 so I can SLI in the future or should I get I 4870?
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  1. Quad SLI is horrible.

    A single or GTX260 (even better) HD4870 should handle all your needs as long as you don't game at extreme (i.e. 2560x1600) resolutions. If you go the GTX260 route you could get another for SLI down the road, but by then better stuff will be out...
  2. You should get a 4870x2.
  3. whats with the total noobs...

    hes clearly got a price range of about 250 to 400... 4870 x2 is going to be 450 - 550 ... out of his range

    for your price 4870 is best and by the time you need more power the 5870 or gtx 380 series will be out
  4. GTX 260 is your pick for SLI.
  5. Thanks thogrom your the only one who really helped me and noticed m nonverbal budget =)
  6. Next month, NVIDIA is releasing its "Big Bang II" drivers, and promise better performance from the 9000 series. There is a chance that Quad SLI may receive some attention, so for the moment, I would say wait.

    BTW, apparently (can someone confirm this for me), SLI on the 9800GX2 is disabled under XP for some reason...
  7. ^I believe DX9 has a limit of 3 on the number of frames you can queue up to render, so 4-way AFR doesn't really do much.

    Ah yes:
    The fact that DX9 limits the number of back buffers that can be queued, it doesn't allow 4-way AFR, so we fall back to AFR of SFR in some cases or 2-way SLI in others with D3D apps.”

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