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My cursor keeps moving all over the screen on me. Whether I am using it or not. Then when I am typing, the cursor will move back over a printed line and start typing over what is already typed. It also freezes on me. Help please.
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  1. Open it and clean the dust.
  2. Is this a laptop or a desktop? For a laptop, sometimes the pointer has issues, I tend to see this ghost movement with IBM laptops that have the pointer in the keyboard. You can try cleaning out the connectors and reseating the connectors. If that does not work, you need to replace they keyboard/mouse assembly depending on how your laptop is configured. Also, make sure you are not hitting the touchpad with your palm, you can turn down the sensitivity on it in the settings so it does not respond so easily if you accidentaly brush it.

    If it's a deskop, have you tried another mouse?

    A 3rd, but way least likely thing, is that one of your friends installed a remote access software on the computer and is messing with you. They all should come up with an icon at least in the system try when active though, you should be able to see it when it's running.
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