Inspiron 530 + ATI 4850 + Accelero S1R2

I was wondering if there was anybody with an Inspiron 530 and a ATI 4850 with the Accelero S1R2 on it.
I was hoping for possible pictures.

I've done the measurements and seems like you can't close the side panel if you install the Accelero.
Can you take the top black plastic part off the Accelero?

Also if I install the Accelero and a 120mm fan
Would it get in the way of the lowest PCI on the Inspiron?
Possible "thin" 120mm fans out there?

I heard the ramsinks that come with the Accelero don't stick.
By the way, why do some ramsinks stick and other don't?
I was going to use OCZ Freeze because I might fry the video card if I use AC5.

Last question.
Will putting in the Accelero make a huge difference?
As of right now I've done a quick cheap fix on the 4850 where i cut the back plastic piece(opposite on the fan side) of the card off and attached a fan on top of that as well as applied OCZ Freeze. I get around a 65C idle @ 50% fan.

Any replies would be appreciated. THANKS!
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  1. Hello

    I have an Inspiron 530 with the ATI HD 4870 in it, which i think is the same size as the 4850. If you want to send me your email address i can send a few photos. The main reason i went with the 4870 is the the heatsink just so happens to fit perfectly around the 4 sata controllers. If you try to put an nvidia Gx260 or better card it may fit, but you will lose a few sata controllers to the heat sink

  2. it will fit if you open up the panel, it already seems that your case doesn't not have enough vents to give good airflow
  3. i havent had any problems with mine whatsoever. That card does run hot though. how we post photos on this site i can show you what it will look like
  4. ya i've noticed that the 4800 series run very hot and you have to keep the fan speed above the stock settings

    the problem that's my concern is the limited space

    i've heard if you install the accelero s1r2 you can not shut the side panel

    i think i can get around this problem by taking the top place part off the accelero

    second problem is the initial height

    i'm worried i won't have enough space for the accelero + a 120mm fan

    i have a sound card installed all the way at the bottom of the mobo taking up a PCI slot

    thanks for the insights tho
  5. well heres an odd question now i feel like a boob. How do you change the fan speed on the 4800 series cards other than running something like speedfan? I didnt think the catlyst software allowed that. doesnt mean there isnt a registry entry that can be changed though. I did notice this though. Im running a core 2 Duo E8200 (2.66GHz 1333Bus/6Meg Cache and my cpu monitor reports 37 degrees C. The ati software reports the 4870 idles around 56 degrees C which is quite a bit warmer. The copper on the heatsink which on the diamond 1 gig version of the card has this rather elaborate set of heat pipes, is extremel hot, almost to the point of burning you when the machine is at idle. So the case itself with just the 90mm fan on the back probably isnt good enough. im going to have to look into the fan you mentioned. For now anyone have a quick fix on manually changing fan speeds on the 4800's
  6. You learn how to set up different profiles for different loads. Rivatuner is very good for this, but you'll have to learn how to use it. I don't know of any other software besides the stuff that came with your card.

    You really need to look at increasing case airflow first. Otherwise your not adressing your core problem.

    Here is some stuff you should learn to use if your going to learn to manage temps.

    Benching software and such is very varied. I use these for each purpose:
    These are pretty standard and used by many.
    Monitoring the PC temps overall: HWmonitor aka hardware monitor
    CPUZ for CPU info
    GPUZ for GPU info
    CPU only: RealTemp
    GPU only: ATI Tool, I have a Nivida GTX280, so it works on Nvidia

    Loading/benching tools:
    CPU loaders: Prime95 and OCCT
    GPU Loaders: ATI Tool and the best one is Furmark, nothing pushes the GPU harder right now.
    Benching for overall graphics/gaming performance is 3DMark06
  7. I tried everything that people have written about modifying there saved profile to manually change the fan speed. Im running the latest version of catalyst 9.7 and after doing everything the forums say, the fan speed will not change. I went and got ati tray tool and that worked the first time. instead of idling at 60C its around 54C. Much better, to bad ati took the fan control out of catayst though. Some people are reporting mid to low 40's for temps but the inspiron 530 case is small with no fans on the sides to help. That maybe the next project assuming i can find a way to do it without making my case looked like it met a sawzall
  8. ya... i've been thinking of drilling a hole to fit a 120mm fan on my side panel and have it run from the power supply

    anyways how much room does your 4870 take up in your case?
  9. I really wanted to post a photo or something to show people what it looks like. It clears both hard drive slots and goes past them (under the bottom drive if you have 2). The heat sink literally goes directly overtop of all 4 sata ports on the motherboard (thanks foxconn). However the way the heatsink is designed on the HD4870 (diamond 1 gig version), it clears all of them as the enclosure for the fan curves and wraps around then fan. If it were to do the same thing in either direction it wouldnt fit without unplugging stuff from the sata ports. let me see if i can upload 2 photos i took to photobucket so you can see
  10. nice pictures
    the 4870 is super long!

    is there any way for you to take a pic of the bottom side showing how much clearance you have

    can't really tell cuz the pic is angled
  11. Thanks! I went ahead and added a few more to the same link. Hard to take pics with low light and still close enough to see how close things are. They are slightly blurry but hopefully it will give you an idea
  12. What i ended up doing was putting a 90mm fan mounted against the side of the case (near the 2nd hard drive mount) that pulls air from the front. The good news is the air is blowing directly on the video cards heat sink and copper heat pipes. There is a huge difference in temp on the heatsink and copper pipes. Saying it was mounted sideways i had to use 2 tiewraps (in yellow) to hold it against the side of the case. I was going to use the screws that are designed for the fan but i would have had to cut the screws literally to 1/4 of its original length and didnt give a drimmel on hand. Although it was the cheap was to do it, the fan doesnt move at all and im sure it will last long enough for me to got the screws adjusted and installed
  13. im actually thinking about moding the side panel so i can fit a 120mm or 200mm fan on it

    thought about doing intake but after much consideration, i figured the cool air directly on my vid card didn't outweight the fact of dust forming on it excessively

    just have in mind, with that fan blowing on your vid card directly, you're going to have to clean your vid card often
  14. Not a problem half the time its taken apart anyway. The 120mm fan is a good idea, i would like to know what size drill attachment i would need to get. opening up the side would make a nice difference though. Added a gigabit ethernet adapter today. isnt going to help in games but transferring files from my machine to the other one should be quite a bit faster once the router is replaced. If you end up putting a large hole in the side and attaching a fan before i do take some pics
  15. well im still pondering about the idea

    as of right now im thinking of putting a slim 80mm fan where the cd/dvd slot 2 is

    that way i have some type of intake

    the side fan im still thinking about
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