What are all advantages in motherboard ASUS P5Q-E in compare with ASUS

What are all advantages in motherboard ASUS P5Q-E in compare with ASUS P5Q?
and you can find info about ASUS P5Q-E here:


and about ASUS P5Q here:


and you should know that I will buy also processor intel core 2 duo E8400 and VGA card SAPPHIRE HD 4870 512MB GDDR5 PCI-E
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  1. Welcome to the fourms!

    The P5Q-E offers CrossFire support, a MUCH better layout, better cooling and a more featurefull board compared to the P5Q. Your E8400 and 4870 will work just fine in either motherboard.
  2. thanks for your answer but what do u mean by
    (featurefull board compared to the P5Q)??
  3. For starters the "E" model has esata, optical audio, Firewire, and an extra network connector on the back panel. It has better heatsinks overall which will translate to higher and more stable overclocks. It has onboard buttons for power and reset and a more logical layout overall.
  4. I am new to upgrading video cards but I am running into a problem. I have an Asus P5Q-E Core 2 Quad P45 Crossfirex Motherboard. I just bought an Visiontek HD3870 X2 video card. I am confused about how to plug in molex power cables. In the video card box is a y -cable that converts two traditional plugs into a 4 -port power plug that goes into 4 hole female connector or video card. But then there is a 6 holed female connector that needs power but the board only has another 4 hole male connector so there is a way to connect 4+2 connector to give you six. But the video card powers up but no display. I installed the ATI drivers before installing the video card but no results. So if this message was not thoroughly confusing and you understand what I am trying to say , I'd appreciate your help.
  5. Welcome to the forums!

    The 3870x2 requires a minimum of a 550w PSU with two 6 pin PCIe power connectors.
    If you are interested on overclocking it, it is recommended that your PSU has a 6 pin and an 8 pin PCIe power connector.

    It sounds to me that you PSU is not capable of powering your system.
    Could you please post your full system specs including the brand, wattage and +12v amperage of your PSU and any overclocks?

    Also, in the future, please start a new thread in the proper section of the forum when you have a new question.
    Most of the time, you will not get any help on your issue when posting in an unrelated thread that has been dead for three months.
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