Recover RAID 5 array from failed motherboard


It appears my motherboard has died. I have an Abit IP35 Pro LGA775.

Abit IP35 Pro Specifications

This motherboard comes with an on-board RAID controller which is an Intel ICH9R Controller.

I can not find this motherboard for sale in my country anymore and most places in the US no longer carry this board with the exception of one dude on Ebay.

All the replacement motherboards I am looking at have an Intel ICH10R Controller.

I was running a RAID 5 array.

I would like to know whether my RAID array will be compatible if I purchase a motherboard with an Intel ICH10R Controller, considering I built my RAID setup on a board with an Intel ICH9R Controller?

If it is compatible, how do I go about getting the system to recognize the existing data without wiping the disks?

I have 5 Western Digital 500GB drives in a RAID 5 formation and 1 Samsung 500GB standalone drive running my operating system (Windows XP Pro).

Any help is of course greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, a compatible board should work.

    The Raid Migration Adventure,1640-8.html
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