9800 GX2/Radeon 4870/GTX 260/GTX 280

I'm currently building a new machine and have been out of the loop for a bit on the latest and greatest of GPU's. After looking a bit I came up with these 4 and am basically wondering if people out there with personal experience or just a better knowledge of the benchmarks can give me a hand with which one is best for the money. I'm looking to game at 1920x1200 or maybe a bit higher. I did take a look at Cleeve's stickied post, but didn't see much on the 260/280 and am looking for a more definitive answer.

Thanks again!

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  1. I'd go with a 4870 for that res.
  2. The best card for your money is to WAIT FOR THE 4870x2 which is only a couple of weeks away, and has incredible performance.
  3. Wow, I just peeked at the 4870 X2 on guru3d and it seems to be a joy. Any idea on what the final price tag/release date may be?
  4. The 4870x2 is going to be 549.99. My friend works at Fry's Electronics and personally showed me the x2, I saw the price tag.

    It was the 2gig version with ddr5 wow!!!
  5. ...I wonder what will happen when people with Vista 32 bit plug in a 2GB graphics card (half of total RAM)...Can't wait to read the threads saying "Why is my comp so slow now??!?!?".

    Wonder if Quad-CF will be supported for 32-bit systems... :pt1cable:
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