Bluescreen problem

any body please help me find solution regarding blue screen problem your help will be appreciated
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    How vague can your question get regarding the nature of the bluscreen.
  2. well thanks anyway it help a lot thank you sir one more i like to ask if there is a video card por pci slot that match the nvidia geforce fx5500 because my p3 has no agp its a intel p3 933mhz 512mbsdram your answer will be appreciated thanks tom
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  4. Hey Sergio my main man Brother Alpha. I'm going out on a limb here and thinking you just asked if there are an PCI video cards available? Oh heck yes. You can buy a new modern system for a litle more than some of these cost.
  5. ok badge that will be big help for me anyway ill have to look for that staff here maybe ther is by the way im from philippnes were you from mate
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