Advantages of two hard drives not using raid 0

I'm wondering if there are any noticeable advantages of using two hard drives in a windows 7 64-bit system. I'm not using raid 0. Just using one drive for the OS and Programs, the second drive for all data and windows swap file. The OS and program drive would be maybe 300-500 gb. The data drive would be 1tb.
The computer is:
9gb ram
nvidia geforce gtx 260 with 1.8gb ram

Mostly using CS4 and some gaming.

I do all my backups using external usb drives.

If I use only one drive, it would be the 1tb for everything.

Any and all help and info is greatly appreciated!

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  1. There will be a benefit to using two hard drives if you put your pagefile and your personal "My Documents" folder on the non-OS drives. For example, when FireFox starts up it accesses the OS drive and your personal files very heavily (to load image cache, browsing history, suspect web sites, etc.). If those folders are on separate drives then there will be less contention and better performance.

    But the downside is that you'll have more work to manage the files. For example, if your data drive fills up and you still have free space on your OS drive, you'll have to decide what files to move (hopefully ones that aren't often used) and then keep track of what files are where.
  2. If you use one SSD for OS and 1tb 7200 sata for storage then your rockin
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