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I am running a Windows home server box with two 1.5tb hdd for data storage. One is full and the other half. My question is I bought a rosewill 5 hdd raid storage device and two more 1.5tb hdd. Can I take the two data drives I have and make an array with the two new drives without loosing data?
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  1. Thanks. I was affraid of this. I guess I will be getting 2 more drives to make my 4 for the raid 1-0.
  2. I would not totally rule out migrating this data over to the this device. Do you know if this product supports any type of raid level migration? Such as Raid 1 to raid 10? Or Raid 0 to raid 10? If it does you can do this in a a couple steps. I have successfully done this with an intel P55 chipset a couple times, but it is a little scary. If you are comfortable with having two mirrors, then you could also just purchase one extra drive. Create a mirror in the rosewill raid, copy 1.5 TB of data on to it. That will free up a drive inside your computer. Use the spare you just purchased along with the now free drive to create a second mirror. With this much data on so few drives, my guess is that you dont really need the raid 10 speed advantage. Two mirrors should do the trick. I'm not sure about the reliability of this product, but have you thought about raid 5? I dont trust raid to store stuff I CANNOT lose, that is for offline storage only, but if you want a better chance of not losing any media you have backed up, why not raid 5? Yeah, you wont set a speed record with it on this consumer stuff, but you will have over 4 TB of formatted space instead of 2.8 or so. Huge difference. Also, if it is like intel P55 you will be faster at reading a 4 disk raid 5 than a raid 10. Who cares about the terrible random write speed. Files that are huge are the only thing that people use to fill up around 3 TB of space.
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