Geforce 9800GTX 512 GDDR3 Iddles at 60c its that hot?

its that normal the only thing that runs that hot on my systemi ts the GPU and i have 2x 12cm fans on the CPU and one of 1x8cm thermaltake tsunamy dream case.

i cant see whats my temperature while i play whatt really worries me. how can i benchmark my GPU while monitoring the temperature?

thx in advance

btw this its how i have it check it please and tell me whats wrong mey be the exaust its too close to the case bottom]
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  1. if it was 100 c for ur gpu then u should start worrying
  2. Download HWMonitor @, run it and leave it open. Play a game for a while. Exit and check the Max temp for the gpu on hwmonitor.
  3. That's about normal........Most people use ntune or other software to speed the fan up a bit.......say around 60percent versus stock settings....
  4. I have a 9800gtx and it idles 58C overclocked high as I can get it so a little hot but full load is like 84C with fan at 60% and un oced it is 68C max
  5. Your lucky, my 4850 idles at 75c
  6. thx for the info guys, i see thats normal then. ima check that hwmonitor.

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