In need of a quiet pc case any recommendations?

Good day Ladies and Gents. I currently have the Cosmos S full tower, I love love love the look but sweet jebus it is too huge and fairly loud. The tower is in my bedroom and it just gets annoying hearing the fans kick on plus my case temp is around 30degrees C, and CPU is around 40degrees C.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a quieter pc case that also has good airflow for the components inside? I am looking for a mid tower to save some space and look good. Basically I want it all but still any help would be appreciated, thank you all.
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  1. ya sorry two typo's for Quiet thanks for the correction. I have the 4 Apevia CF12SL-URED 120mm fans.

    Specs: Fan Size 120mm
    RPM 1700±10% RPM
    Air Flow 63.85 CFM
    Noise Level 29.67 dBA
  2. I would first suggest swapping out all your fans to Scythe SFlex 1200/1600rpm or Scythe Slipstream 1200 if you do really like the looks of your current case. Those Apevia fans are junk.

    The best resource on the face of the earth for quiet computing:

    I second the vote for the Antec Three Hundred as well, if replacement is the plan of attack. I'll also add in the Nine Hundred and P182 from the same company ($105 and $130, respectively, both with free shipping).
  3. I had the Antec P180 in my bedroom and it was too noisy. I replaced it with the Antec Sonata Designer 500 Silver and I can't hear it. Even with my ear pressed up against it. It is also a great looking case.
  4. Antec SOLO is probably the quietest case around.
    It is the black version of the designer500 ^ without the psu.

    Read the following review of the Antec 900. At the end, it is compared with the SOLO and the lian-li G70. Look at the various temperature(cpu and vga) vs noise charts at various fan speeds. At the same noise levels, all three cases cool the same. With fans on low, the SOLO is the quietest.
  5. As was mentioned, I would try replacing the fans in your case, it would definitely be cheaper. I'm with you on the Cosmos, it's a great looking case. Now if you need to save some room (as you mentioned), I just purchused the CoolerMaster CM690 (which can be had for next to nothing) for my wife's new computer. It comes stock with 3 120mm fans and it's pretty quiet. It also has room for 4 more if 3 are good enough. The Antec 900 is also a good choice (is used that case in my son's computer), and the fans can be adjusted for the noise level you are willing to accept. Also relatively cheap if you can find it.
  6. Before chucking the Cosmo-S (not a cheap case)
    1. get an external fan controller with long enough cable to reach to loud fans.
    2. Replace out the loud fans with panaflo fans, or scythe, possibly noctua (no experience on my side with noctua fans) The panaflo can get loud, but can blow some massive air.. I leave it at low except when I'm gaming full bore.
    3. consider the Thermalright ultra-120 extreme (TRUE) and the hr-03.. with a low speed fan, these can drop cpu temps something fierce without the loudness.. however it does clutter the inside of the case more than anything else I've played with. with both it gets messy.
    4. Alternately consider liquid cooling... and then fan resistors down to 7 volts for the rest of the case..

    Personally I went with the CM 690 (just air) and it is quiet and cool.. Most of the fans are the CM-120 blue led Save a couple 120X25 cpu fans, and a 120X38 top fan. however I've never found the need to set the fans full bore.. I just dont feel like worrying about it during gaming.
    I have the TRUE and the HR-O3 with fans attached.
    Corsair 750 modular PS (quiet)

    If I had to go now I'd consider the CM 932 HAF as it seems an upsized 690 with some major fans, and a nice front.
  7. I switched from the Antec 900 which I liked and had no problems with other than the massive amount of dust it sucked in. The front fans needed filters on them like the Antec 1200 did. I may try some of the SiLentX fans but gezz some of those fans are expensive
  8. Go For the Antecs 300, 900 or 1200.
    300 dust filter $ 50 bucks if you catch a sale
    900 no dust filter $70 if you catch a sale
    1200 dust filter to new to be sold on sale and not cheap.
  9. Wow, youve got sensitive ears! If an antec P180 isnt quiet enough for you!

    Ive had mine for two yeats now and barely notice a whisper from it, although I did build it to be as quiet as possible...

    Intel 975XBX (fanless)
    E6600 c Stock Cooler
    XFX 7950GT (passively cooled)
    4 (i think) stock antec case fans all set to low
    Antec Neo HE 550W
    1 Samsung Spinpoint F1 750GB
    1 Samsung Spinpoint 500GB
    2 Samsung Spinpoint 250GB Raid 0
    A couple of samsung sata dvd-rw drives

    The most I *ever* hear out of it is a very occaisional hard-disk click when I scroll through my media library...

    Im sure I could go quiter still with SSD's and an aftermarket cpu cooler.

    Anyways I'd +1 the people above who suggest looking at quiter fans and coolers, imho the worst part of any computer is the gfx card - they always have little whineing high speed fans on them - a noise disaster...
  10. Do NOT get SilenX fans, they are junk.

    Scythe fans are the ones worth owning.

    4-5 120mm Slipstream fans are about the same price as an Antec Three Hundred case.
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