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Win2k & Standby

Last response: in Windows 2000/NT
October 3, 2001 3:44:15 AM

Can somebody help me with the following problem.

After my PC goes to standby by pressing the sleep buton, I can't wake it up. I tried by pressing the space bar, enter, the wake up bitton and just about all the other keys.

Nobody Knows Everything

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October 4, 2001 2:57:01 AM

Standby mode seems to give many people grief. This is what I do.

In Control Panel|Power Options, try setting: Power Scheme <font color=blue>(Always On)</font color=blue>, Turn Off Monitor After <font color=blue>(you determine)</font color=blue>, Turn Off Hard Disk <font color=blue>(Never)</font color=blue>, System Stanby <font color=blue>(Never)</font color=blue>.

In BIOS settings under Power: Power Management <font color=red>(User Define)</font color=red>, Video Off Option <font color=red>(Suspend -> Off)</font color=red>, Video Off Method <font color=red>(DPMS OFF)</font color=red>, HDD Power Down <font color=red>(Disabled)</font color=red>, Suspend Mode <font color=red>(Disabled)</font color=red>, PWR Button < 4 Secs <font color=red>(Soft Off)</font color=red>

I use these settings and never have problems anymore with the evil suspend mode.

Fisher of men
October 4, 2001 10:51:42 AM

I use a slightly modified version of that control scheme.

In R.A.G.E. Mode, try setting: Ball-bat <font color=blue>(steel)</font color=blue>, Beat The Living Piss Out Of The Computer <font color=red>(enabled)</font color=red>, Twice <font color=blue>(always)</font color=blue>, Until It Stops Giving Me Grief or Msft Feels Threated Because So Many People Are Beating The Living Piss Out Of Their Computers, That They Are Losing Market Share <font color=blue>(you determine)</font color=blue>.

I use these settings and never have problems anymore with the evil/vile semantics of Msft.

<font color=blue>I hacked Msft, and all I got was this lousy source code.....</font color=blue>
October 4, 2001 12:28:18 PM

LOL! Msft should provide us a complimentary <font color=blue>R.A.G.E. Mode</font color=blue> kit with every purchase of their product.

Fisher of men