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I'm a ASUS M3A32-MVP owner. Recently I bought a second Radeon 4850 graphic card with a crossfire connection plan, but unfortunatelly the crossfire bridge that comes with the cards is too short to reach the second card [both mounted in blue pcie slots for maximum performance]. Apparently such crossfire connector should be included with the mainboard but i didn't find any in the box. Where can I obtain such crossfire bridge, each one I find i identical to the ones I have with my graphic cards... I really hope You can help me guys, cause i don't want to get rid of the mainboard nor use the crossfire in x16 and x1 mode.

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  1. Envoy,

    I recently ran into this problem of the crossfire cable being too short, and putting one card in the blue slot and one in the black, but i also wanted the FULL 16x. All you have to go is google for an ASUS crossfire connector, or check out ebay. I just purchase two 120mm crossfire connectors off of ebay. They should be here any day. But this will certainly solve your problem. Just get a longer cable =). If you want me to send you a message with a picture of the length let me know. Good Luck!
  2. Whozat is right. But if you bought your board new double check your box/packaging because they are included. I ran into the same problem and had to run mine in a blue and black slot for about a week until it finally dawned on me to check my box to see if asus had planned for this since the problem is specific to how they steup the pci-e slots on there board. Sure enough there were two of the extended length crossfire cables in my box...
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