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I'm looking for a reputable company for a fully customizable build. I would normally build myself but this is for a church and needs to be one shot and done for the finance committee. I've looked at a lot of "build to order" companies but most are very limited in options. The budget is high, but the church expects it to do the job for 3+ years so i'll want a lot of high end components. Any suggestions will be helpful.
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  1. I don't know any place that I would recommend, as I never looked into it. But personally I try to find some of those small mom & pop computer stores where the staff is actually knowlegable and ask them if they would build a computer for you. Though if you go this route I still suggest getting a lot of opinions from people on what to get (the forums, and their opinion). And ask them if you bring them the parts will they build it for you and the price it will cost this way, this way you have more control on what to get and can hopefully save some money buying elsewhere like Newegg. Or if you need it now you can get them to build you it from what they have.

    Though if you want my opinion on what's the best route, go to Newegg or other good retailer and buy the parts and get them built at a computer store. I know it didn't really answer your question but it's good to have options.
  2. What is computer going to be used for? Churches can require anything from spreadsheets to real time video streaming.

    I hate to say it but I'd almost recommend a dell with a business service plan so that if anything goes out, you will get same day service (I think).

    What are the customizable features that are "limited in options?" What places have you looked at already? What is an approximate budget?

    The more information you post, the better the help will be :)
  3. This computer will have multiple uses including office use. however, it will also be used for encoding audio and video from recordings of sermons for use on our website. Having a service plan is not a priority for this, I am the service plan. (married to the preachers daughter) If it comes down to it, i'll buy from newegg and assemble myself. I'm just trying to save the hastle.

    A lot of online stores have limited options in memory and video options. and most all of them sell cheap POS power supplys. I'm trying to go about this by building a computer that i would want for my home, then tweaking the components twards their use.

    for a $12-1400 budget (including new monitor) I'm thinking a q6600 based system.
  4. deleted my own post
  5. What bigbruver said maybe is like a costum made pc build, like alienware, cyberpower, digitalstorm, etc. That is really a limited option, usually offer a high-end product. With, for my self, offer with riddiculous price. And i would recommended to ask computer store to build your system with OS and other software that you will use is installed and reasy to use, just like assasin 32 said. About stability.... actually thats curious or my self.
  6. is has allot of options . If you are a novice though dont do it.
  7. I'm no novice. I've got a half dozen pc builds under my belt. And I'm thinking the do-it-myself route might be best, if we were to order everything from one company like newegg i think that would satisfy our finance comittee.

    r352alit- I agree those companies seemto charge 150% for a few stickers and neons.
  8. Take a look at Microcenter also they have some byopc specials going on right now. It wouldn't hurt to look either.
  9. Q6600:
    720x480 mpeg2 -> x264(sharktooths asp equvilant, CRF18)+FFT3dGPU=~38fps

    I think thats a bit more than a church needs :)

    note that audio encoders are NOT multithreaded.
  10. ^skittle, is the Q6600 OCed?
  11. skittle said:
    720x480 mpeg2 -> x264(sharktooths asp equvilant, CRF18)+FFT3dGPU=~38fps

    I think thats a bit more than a church needs :)

    note that audio encoders are NOT multithreaded.

    right now yes it is, but as i stated, I'm trying to "future-proof" as much as possible, although i know it's imposible. :-)

    Down the road if they need to do more with it, they'll have to make do. Getting money from a comittee is like..well getting money from anybody, lol.
  12. 333x9 stock voltage
    ram is 1:1

    @bigbruver: I meant that it would be an excellent choice! this setup is about 4x faster than my x2 3800+. No more waiting overnight to finish a small batch job!
  13. there is not much to do for future proofing these days anyway. the speeds of CPU's are not going up any more and with duel-core CPU's they will be good for years, if you want a pre-built system just go with the brand name computers but if i were you i would build it myself because it would save you money down the road and with the pre-built system you cannot completly control the quality of the parts they put in them. everybody knows that brand name computers like dell have some pretty low quality cheap parts in them
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