Disk Integrity Check - Same Failure on mulitple drives

Hi. I have been having a problem install ANY operating system on an ASUS P5LD2 MOBO. XP, XPMCE, Ubuntu, Mythbuntu have all failed at points when something where being written to the disk and I got the classic ERRNO 5 with Linux installs. The Ubuntu ISO has a disk integrity utility. This check told me that an error was found in 1 file. This same message occurred when SEPARATELY checking an IDE drive, a SATA 320gb and a 1TB SATA. The integrity check didn't provide any further info (other than to restart). So I am now thinking there is a problem with the MOBO or part of the Disk I/O subsystem (or maybe a BIOS setting). Does anyone know any tool or utility that can run before the operating system that may shed more light on this problem?
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  1. Run a hard disk diagnostic utility, like Seatools.
    Run memtest86+ and check for errors.
    Is AHCI enabled in the bios?
    Please list all your hardware, including power supply details.
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