Could this be a video card problem?

I was talking to a friend of mine and she said that her computer has been acting up. She has to leave for extended periods of time so she shuts down her computer. When she comes back she pushes the power button and the machine fires up and starts to load but then the screen goes black. She says it sounds like the machine is still running but it won't do anything. When she She then has to do a reset a bunch of times and finally it will boot up properly. When she resets the computer it makes the XP shutdown noise like it was on but no screen. She doesn't dare turn it off now for fear of it not coming back on. When it is on it seems to work fine. Could this be a video card problem? Her motherboard is the Epox EP-9NPA+ Ultra running XP pro. I am going to go over later today and do some checking of things to see what the possiblities could be.
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  1. maybe.... see if you can boot in safe-mode w\ no problem.

    if you can try to uninstall the drivers and install the most recent drivers available.
  2. How long is an extended period of time? If it's too long, then the battery could be draining during that time. The battery keeps the RTC (the clock) going, but only lasts for so long. It's a possibility.
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