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I'm just wondering if I should keep my GTX 280 or go for the 4870X2. Since if i were to sell it, it would be best to do it now before the prices of the 280 drop, but one problem, the 4870X2 benchmarks dont all seem the same...on different sites there are different reviews and i'm not sure anymore.

Can anyone recommend anything?
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  1. Is the GTX 280 too slow for you? If not, why bother upgrading...

    What kind of monitor and PSU and motherboard do you have?
  2. hes a benchmark crazy dude
  3. Yeah, I would let it eat.

    Waste of money.
  4. lol, maximus formula and 850W psu
  5. OK, so you can't just add another GTX 280, with that MB and PSU. Just checking.

    There are lots of benchmarks for HD 4870 CF and I'll use some to approximate the HD 4870X2. It should be very close.

    The 4870 CF beats the GTX 280 in some games/resolutions (e.g. World in Conflict 1600x1200), but loses in others. To make it even more weird, look at Crysis 1920x1200. The GTX 280 wins by a negligible margin with 0xAA but the HD 4870 CF wins by almost 5 fps (16%) with 2xAA.

    Anyway, the GTX 280 and HD 4870X2 will be pretty close in performance.
    I would make the switch from GTX 280 to HD 4870x2, but only if I could get a good price for the GTX 280.
  6. We don't know the 4870X2 price. The market will set the price in time. At the moment, it looks to be about the same tier of performance as the GTX280, therefore, it should command a similar price.

    Since the performance level will be similar, you should probably enjoy the GTX280 until a significantly better card arrives.
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