New motherboard: horrible performance on a ‘fast’system

I bought I new motherboard and graphics card for a home built computer, since the old motherboard had passed away earlier this week. I put everything back together, reinstalled windows and I was happy to see that everything was working again. BUT: my performance is totally ****! I noticed it during a little Civilization 4 session: stuttering gameplay. The game freezes for a few seconds a couple of times per minute and than runs fine for a bit. My specs are a AMD Athlon X2 6000 and a GEForce 8500 GT, which is more than enough to play a game like CIV 4 at any display setting. I ran a couple of benchmarks on SiSoft Sandra and the CPU scores were horrible: both on arithmic as well as multimedia benchmarks I got a rating of about a third of what a AMD 6000 should deliver according to SiSoft. My scores were closer to a Celeron 1.8 Ghz than an actual dual core AMD at 3.0 GHZ. I checked everything: clock speed on both cores is at a constant 3025 MHZ, which is normal, multiplier and FSB are 15 and 200 (makes 3000) and my memory (PC5300 – DDR2 533 MHZ) is clocked at 266 MHZ, so that’s normal too. CPU temperatures are between 50 to 60 C, which is normal. What’s happening? I noticed during the CIV 4 session that the fan seems to accelerate a little during these ‘freezes’ I talked about. I’m thinking it might be a PSU problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

AMD X2 6000 @ 3Ghz
GeForce 8500 GT 512 mb
2 Gigs 5300 533 Adaptec DDR2
2 Samsung SATA drives (250 and 500 GB)
Floppy drive
Standard PSU @ 380 Watt

Windows XP Pro – SP3

Old motherboard (now deceased): ASROCK AliveNF6P.
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  1. did you format windows because if not that may be where your problem lies.
  2. Your PSU may not be quite adequate. The 8500GT requires a minimum 350w psu with 18a on the 12v rail according to the evga product spec. Over time, a generic psu may weaken, and under load at at high temperatures, they may not develop proper power.
    A generic psu, even though it is advertised at 380w may not reliably deliver that. What psu is it? What is the amperage on the 12v rail? What does the label say?
  3. Xnamerxx: I did not format the Windows drive. I thought a new install on the same drive would be ok. Do you really think that would make a difference?

    geofelt: I'm not near my computer now, but ill check the specs of the psu later.

    Thanks for the replies!
  4. I'll also try to take out the GPU and see how the CPU performs. If the CPU performs 'normal'under those conditions, than it must be the PSU. Right?
  5. yes you MUST reformat windows to have proper functionality...

    you don't have to lose your data either... you can just do a repair on it... but look it up before you do... cause you can end up losing everything by doing something wrong....

    I doubt its a PSU problem... if it was his new comp shouldn't even work.... because it worked fine before the switch to the new mobo
  6. The op also upgraded the vga card; what was the old one, which worked ok.
    You don't need to reformat windows, but you do need to update the mobo and vga drivers.
  7. 'Old' VGA card was on board GeForce 6100. The system as a whole, as well as performance in games, was better in the old situation. I'll try to take the GeForce 8500 out and test, update mobo driver (already got the new drivers for the vga) and if nothing els works, reformat and reinstall windows.....
  8. Ok, here's what I did:

    1. Took out the GeForce 8500.
    2. Replaced RAM with spares
    3. Formatted HDD and reinstalled Windows XP
    4. Flashed bios to version 0503 (latest for this MB)

    Result: NOTHING. Performance is still a third of what it should be. I checked after each step of course. Who's the genius that can help me....
  9. What psu do you have? What does the label say? Bad / insufficient power can cause the vga card to behave badly.

    Did you plug in the 4pin cpu power connector?

    Go through all the bios options to see if there are any that might affect performance.

    You might try deactivating the integrated video controller.
  10. I'm returning the motherboard and trying another one... I read on another forum it just doesnt work well with AMD 6000. I'll post the results. Thanks for all yer help!
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