rig running e7200, dg31pr, 3gb ram and 8500gt randomly crashing!

ok my rig is,

intel e7200 c2d 2.53ghz
intel dg31pr motherboard
kingston 2gb + 1gb ddrII ram
seagate 240 gb sata hd
seagate 160 gb ata/ide hd
xfx geforce 8500gt 512mb ddrII
samsung dvd rw
emachines micro atx casing with 300w psu

ok, so purchased this rig about a month back. I have windows vista ultimate 32bit installed. the computer would hang randomly, sometimes playing games and sometimes just when its idle. my computer is usually on so I didn’t make much of it first thinking it was probably some software issue. it kept on persisting! so I decided to replace my windows which I did. problem remained, updated all drivers, problem remained. tried removing 1 stick at a time of ram and checking , the problem remained. tried having only 1 hard disk installed, the problem remained, tried without my gpu and with the built in vga, it didn’t hang but the games crashed! (obviously) so I got another graphics card and installed that but the problem remained. all this while I was also noting the temperatures recorded in the bios as well readings that speed fan was getting. pretty high temperatures I must say! the cpu was constant around 40 - 50 c which is ok but the motherboard/system temperature used to be 80c + constantly, thought that wasn’t right and decided to give up and take it to the vendor,took it to the vendor, nice chap, helped out as much as he could but couldn’t figure out the problem. he thought it was heating up too, he blamed my casing saying its too small and wasn’t exhausting (side cover is always open so didn’t think that could be the problem) anyway he setup my system without the chasis but still the temperatures were high! he tried changing the motherboard to another dg31pr but the temperatures remained same! at one point even exceeded 100 c !!!

so we decided to change the motherboard altogether, he had an old d945gcnl lying around which we tried , everythign else the same ... surprisingly it worked! it worked just fine ... the temperature of the cpu I could check in the bios it was around 40 but this motherboard never gave me a temp for the motherboard so couldn’t compare. anyway , tried it for a month, didn’t hang once even while playing COD4 (high setting) and crysis (lowest settings). the new problem though were 2, 1 this was an old motherboard model wise and 2 it didn’t support more then 2gb ram so my 1gb ran was lying useless.

I checked on the internet and with other vendors that e7200 processor and dg31pr are the most common combinations these days so surely it cant be a compatibility issue ??? so I bugged my vendor into giving me a processor and motherboard , same models e7200 and dg31pr from another stock which had just arrived. I have had it for 7 hours now and it had already hung and restarted once like it used to before! I am completely bummed why this is happening.

need a solution fast! don’t want to go back as surely that isnt an accpetable solution for me.
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  1. POWER supply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. power supply ... so you think this power supply was ok for 945gcnl but not with the new motherboard ? which power supply should i get ? how many watts ?
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