SATA HDD no detection

My Sata HDD is connected to gigabyte motherboard sata port and power socket properly. But It is not detected by BIOS. During unplugged condition it shows not available but during installed condition BIOS showing nothing i.e. blank space.
This was happended during reinstallation of windows xp2.

I request you to give valuable suggestion to sove this problem.


H. Andrew
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  1. try resetting the CMOS memory by using the jumper or removing the battery, see your motherboard manual for all the details.
    When you say re-installation, is it a repair installation or a fresh install? Try doing a repair install, see this forum fourth post from the top for the directions.
  2. there is always d possibility of the HDD becoming corrupt.. if its kinda old, and has been formatted alot of times..
    make sure the cables r properly connected and chk up in wondows installation if u can see the HDD, if not, d best thing wud b to get a new HDD.

    another possibility is that the cable is damaged or the data port is damaged on the HDD, get it chkd :)
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