any one with/wthought Cooler Master 690 RC LED help

got this case instaalled everything very happy with it, just wondering 1 thing

the blue power led is relativly bright which is ok, but the hard drive red led is not even half as bright, is this normal? or i got a bad led? could it be its so low because i messed up and connected it in reverse? or would that just shut it off completly?
1 image was done with flash on 1 withought but has longer exposure, but to the eye they look like pic 1 verly low berly visible
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  1. My light looks the same. I don't think there's anything wrong.
  2. thats cool, thx, went to the coolmaster forum they did say it seemed low, so they will send me a new led
  3. it's good to know coolermaster is supporting their products.
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