4870 Sapphire wont get past post.. HELP !!!

I just bought a Sapphire 4870 and I'm having a hard time getting it too work. I initionally just plugged it into the PCI-E slot, plugged in the 2 power word things and turned it on. I got the post screen but then after that I got no signal. the computer continued to fully boot. but the sceen showed no signal. I'm at a loss and have tired resetting the CMOS and all. I can't even get into the bios. all it shows is the post screen for a few seconds. Might have something to do with my mobo.

Here's my system specs.

Athlon 64 3200+ 2GB PC-3200, Dual-Channel, Winfast/Foxconn 6150 motherboard with 6150 integrated geforce. 450watt power supply.

I was thinking maybe it has somehting to do with my connection. maybe try just pure DVI? as opposed to DVI to VGA adapter? I have to go and buy a DVI cable tommorow..

any input would be greatly apprecaited. thsi is driving me nuts.. wanna play some BF2!~
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  1. Try change the power supply.the watt nt enough.use 650w above
  2. what kind of psu may i ask

    and you computer is OLD
  3. +1 on PSU not being enough.
    Dont waste money on a cord thats definately not it.
    You might have to disable the onboard nvidia graphics in the bios.
  4. Probably your PSU.
  5. ^ +1
  6. try using another stick of memory or another video card
  7. It is the Power Supply with out a doubt. You need something much stronger. 600Watts Min, 650Watts or higher Pref.
  8. I know it's old, but it was a great deal. $300 for a HTPC including 19 in LCD monitor, keyboard/mouse, slowly upgrading it. Are you serious? 650 watts?!! That's a bit much. whats a good PSU around that range that wont break the bank?
  9. I fished out an old 300watt power supply and I ran that one dedicated to the graphics card and ran my 450w for the rest of my computer. same result. alright i'm gona go buy a better PSU
  10. have you disabled the integrated graphics in the bios?

    When searching for new PSU, try to get something with 'high' wattage on the 12V rail(s). I'd bet your old one has proportionally more wattage on the 3.3 and 5 volt rails than the new ones do, and thus it has relatively weak 12V rail that isn't strong enough for newer graphic cards. So total wattage isn't everything, most likely modern 400/500W power supply would run the system just fine.
  11. 6150 integrated geforce INCOMPATIBLE WITH XRADEON SERIES
    "• K9N6SGM-V doesn't support ATI X550, x1050, X700, X800, X850 and X1800XL series graphic cards.!
    DID NOT WORK WITH MY X1950XT either
  12. Well you guys were right! I went out and got a 550watt power supply and plugged her in and it worked perfect. Night and day difference. GRID is amazing. Every game i run maxed out now. 1240x1024 4XAA 16AF. worth every penny. Got it running at 750mhz and 1000mhz (4000mhz) memory. Didn't bother really ocing the core as it can't be oc'd that much and there isn't really a point right now, because without a doubt my athlon 64 3200+ is sort of a bottleneck. Mind you I have it oc'd to Athlon 64 4200+ speeds. I'm impressed with the dramatic jump in performance. GRID is fluid, WOW is amazing with everything turned up. BF2 is amazing now and Crysis is stunning and fluid maxed out.
  13. Good to hear ^ Enjoy
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