Nvidia xfx 8600gt 512mb ddr2 overclocking

i currently own a xfx 8600gt 512mb ddr2.i want to overclock it by 20-30 mhz with rivatuner 2.24....

MY QUESTION:will it go long with that clocks?..if yes wat will be max temp it will throw??..also wt wiil be the max overclockings it'll support...?

INTEL C2D e7200@2.53 ghz
2x2gb axeram,trancend....all run with ddr2 frequencies..
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  1. Quote:
    Only you can answer those questions....overclocking that card would be like putting dual exhaust on a Volkswagon Golf.

    ughhhhhhh.....ya...my bad...bt still cn u reply straight
  2. Quote:
    Like I said, only YOU can answer. Download Rivatuner, then overclock the gpu 30mhz, then check the temps. Then you can tell us right?

    i did....i stressed it till 40 mhz...it nw @ 80 max....
  3. hey but will it reduce its life??...cuz i'v heard pple sayin on forums that,prolonged overclockings squeeze them too much which cause damages!!!
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