Best AMD mobo for OC ?

I'm building a low cost computer, and will be getting an HD 4850. Thought about getting a not so crappy board that would support 140w proc and crossfire for possible upgrade in the future, like a second HD 4850 and a phenom or something ...

Any thoughts about a good AMD MB, and in the low cost too ? I know the 16x16x crossfire MB are great but i just can't afford 200 $ on this.

Start with the cheapest, if there are any !

And if crossfire is out of the question, what's the best AMD MB for OC i could get, not Micro, and not expensive, and phenom rdy (140w?)?

Thanks ! Again !
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  1. Didn't see the other thread about cheap AMD mobo

    There's this, GIGABYTE MA790X. I see a lot of 790X and 780G mobos, but are they any good ?

    Makes me think, I'm shopping from canada, so I'm mostly using We're missing the cool rebates over here :pfff:

    One last thing, is the only disavantage of getting a micro ATX the reduced size of space ? Should i be worried for future upgrades ? I have an Antec 300 case.
  2. You want the -best- but want it low cost?
    Not sure how that works!
    Anyhow the brand in my forum profile has been the world OC champ for like the past 6 years or mater if you have AMD or Intel cpu.

    DFI motherboards...FTW!
    By the way get a real PSU,PC Power & Cooling.
  3. I'm getting an antec 550 PSU and XIGMATEK cooler. Don't need more power atm for 1x 4850 and AMD 5000+
  4. Yes the lanparty boards are nice, look at the 790gx lanparty board on the egg.
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