Problem overclocking my qx9650

Hi. Recently bought a qx9650, lapped it and installed it.
Runs fine at stock.
I was trying to oc it to 3.6 by upping the fsb to 400 (x9), but everything keeps crashing.
No matter what settings I use (voltage, timings, DRAM:FSB ratio, NB volt, FSB volt) it'll crash. Only when I set these to AUTO will it actually POST.

I did have a e6750 oc'd to 3.2 (400 x 8), with RAM 800 (5-5-5-12 +0.1) or (4-4-4-12 +0.2), perfectly stable.

Now, with the settings on AUTO (and overclocking) it runs at 800 5-5-5-18 @ +0.2! And the Vcore is 1.168 according to CPUz.

CPUz says the stock voltage is 1.040 (set to 1.1125 in BIOS). The AUTO setting doesn't change any other voltage.

Why won't it work at 5-5-5-12 @ +0.1 or 4-4-4-12 @ +0.2? And what voltage setting in the BIOS will result in CPUz showing 1.168?

I have the stock HSF, with artic silver 5, with decent case airflow, in a very cold room, and about to get an antec 200 case. And RAM has heatsinks.


p.s. My VBAT is set to 3.02, what the heck is that?
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  1. FIRST : You have a X9650 and you use the stock HSF ?

    Run CORETEMP to know your chip VID.

    CPUz is only telling you your Vcore, not the VID. 1.1v is DAMN LOW to run @ 3.6ghz. If you got this kind of chip your lucky and god have an hand on you.

    Raise to Vcore to ~1.25 or more to run this speed. Once you know its stable ( run 2 OCCT, one small and one large for FAST stability check. at least 10 min each for fast tweeking ) Lower the vcore if its stable and check again.

    If its not, it can be your NB, VTT, PLL, GTL, Dram, and many others settings ....


    One you have the speed you want stable. Run a 12h+ PRIME95 BLEND. If unstable ... you need to raise one of the settings !

    P.S. During all those test, CHECK TEMP using Coretemp. Your using the stock HSF you can have temp issue.
  2. Hi. Will do in just a moment. And im gonna get a CNPS 9700 NT in a week or so. Idle temps are 31-27-26-32.
    Will restart and change settings now...
  3. BSOD, weird menus and blank screens @ 1.2500v. Tried the 2 levels above that, same thing. My computer will only boot if the voltages are set to auto when overclocking.

    When overclocked, AUTO volt settings are:
    Vcore 1.168
    DDR2 2.03
    +3.3, +5 and +12v remain unchanged.
    Coretemp says VID is 1.2500, but BIOS says it's 1.1125?

    But when running at stock, it would run at 1.1125 and be stable.
    And what's with the RAM? It used to be:
    800 (5-5-5-12) @ +0.1, or I could have 800 (4-4-4-12) @ +0.2.
    Now it's stick at 800 (5-5-5-18) @ +0.2.
    How could the ram possibly have changed like that?

    Also, both timings and voltage must be on auto, changing either setting in either group causes crashing.

    WTF!!!! < in really big font lol

    And PCI-E is set to 100. And what's VTT, PLL, GTL?
  4. Everytime I raise the voltage on my motherboard is raises in increments of 0.01v, but, it only raises by 0.008v when I check to see how much it has raised with software detection. This is the 3rd thread I've gotten involved with now, and my first thing to point out is the general oversights that I've seen upon preliminary readings.

    First, gtf6, Despite the stats you're spitting out, you don't know what settings even do on your motherboard. Stop overclocking now and familiarize yourself with your mainboard bios menu. This SHOULD be a given but, this is the most important aspect of overclocking. If you don't even know what the settings in your motherboard do what hope do you think you even have of overclocking successfully?

    Secondly, PCI-E@100mhz is pretty normal, don't change that. PLL = Phase lock loop? Not sure what the other two are. This is -why- you -need- to figure out what your motherboard settings are and what they do, call them up on the phone if you have to. Ask for an engineer or someone qualified to give you some answers. You're well within your right in my opinion. Even if they can't give you an answer ask them who can, that way you can say you at least tried. Look at your manual first, Most manuals do come with a detailed description of the settings.

    Thirdly, not to start a fight with you boulard83, but, there's no need to respond to him that way. Be a bit more friendly, this seems like a great community and we should do our best to help and teach others. After all, only people who have done overclocking can teach overclocking or learn for ourselves (Correct me if I'm wrong). Some need a helping hand.

    I'll wait for a reply, I'm sorry if this is not really helpful at first but, you sort of need to give more detailed information not just give the half story. We need to know how much you know so to speak.
  5. I know my BIOS, I had my e6750 oc'd fine. I dont have any settings that allow for change of the VTT, PLL, GTL.
    At 333 x 9, the vcore is constently changing between 1.088 and 1.104, without anything else changing. It's set to auto, along with the ram timings.
    Ram is 667 5-5-5-15 @ +0.1.

    And gixbit, please stop talking to me like im a noob, every person has trouble with something at somepoint and needs to ask someone else for help.
  6. Normal for the frequency and voltage to vary.

    Don't get irritable. I'm trying to help you. If you know your bios then, you wouldn't mind giving us a pic of your voltage settings for your bios. Just to help us familiarize ourselves with your bios.

    Your core voltage is the current voltage that is correct. Interesting how that's low.

    Try running a stability test on your stock settings and show us the vCore.
  7. At least manual the NB, SB and all the settings that you CAN.

    If Coretemp say 1.25, then 1.25 is your VID ! dont listen to the bios ....

    If your stable at stock with 1.11vcore, using your VID this chip is supposed to run at least 3.6-3.8. Its not the chip that is the probleme. it can be the MOBO ...

    full spec plz and bios settings available for VOLTS.
    NB ?
    MCH ?
    SB ?
    VTT ?
    PLL ?
    GTL ?

    it depand on your mobo, teerm change ... but tell us about your bios VOLTS option.
  8. just installed my new antec 200 case, sweeet.

    Ok, settings on my GA-P35-DS3L currently are:

    CPU clock ratio = 9x
    CPU Frequency = 333 (auto setting)
    PCI-E = 100 (i locked it manually)
    C.I.A.2 = Disabled
    Performance enhancer = Standard (off, I presume)
    SPD = AUTO (which is 2.40)
    Memory Frequency = 800 (333 * 2.4)
    High Speed DRAM DLL setting = Option 1 (both option 1 and 2 make no difference)
    Timings SPD = 5-5-5-18 (AUTO)
    Voltage = AUTO (either ALL auto or ALL manual)

    The computer randomly freezes while im in the BIOS.

    At startup when it's counting it's memory etc, the numbers in the RAM frequency have always been highlighted. "800"Mhz. Now, half of a random letter will be highlighted.

    CPU-Z reports 1.088v, memory at 5:6, 5-5-5-18 and 2T.

    Coretemp no longer starts at startup, and yes i've checked msconfig.

    Revision C1 if that helps.

    CPUID hardware monitor says:

    CPU VCORE = 1.09 (1.088 rounded)
    DDR = 1.87 (+0.1)
    +3.3v = 3.36 (normal NB)
    +5v = 4.95 (normal watchumacallit)
    +12V = 12.35 (normal)
    VBAT = 3.02 (???)

    Could it be the P35 chipset? It ran fine at 1600MHz with the duo though.

    And just then, it randomly refreshed the page and I had to type this all again:P No, I didn't accidently press a button or anything.
  9. Just found out that my bios version is several release BEFORE the official support for yorkfield CPUs on the gigabyte website.

    Downloaded the latest release. Would updating be likely to fix the problem?
  10. Well, I'd say try it and it may or may not help. You can always find out.

    Random freezing in the bios isn't good. It certainly doesn't mean everything is okay anyway.

    I'd say reinstall windows too or check for viruses or whatever. I never say that because I don't really believe in viruses. Ya either got them or you don't. There's not much way of getting rid of 80% of them completely. I've had so many bad experiences with virus scanners that I have no faith in them.

    Just update your bios, otherwise something really quirky is going on there. And I'd start by pointing the finger at your motherboard. Bios update it then tell us how it works after that.
  11. Im trying to, but the q-flsh ultility wont recognise my flash drive, even though it's meant to. Im about to try a different bios version...
  12. updating to the latest bios is surelly a good thing. but you should lock up with the wrong one. This is just not going to work with a non recognized CPU.

    Set your Vcore to 1.2 at least MANUAL.
    Set your Dram to its spec V and timing.
    rest of your settins can be OK for the momment.

    This can resolve the lock ups in bios.
  13. Well, It's a double-edged blade. If he becomes unstable during his bios update and has a shutdown/restart. He's not going to be happy.

    Just giver a shot, see what happens, hopefully all goes well. Use a floppy disk if you have to.
  14. Updated BIOS using @bios software. BIOS now says VID is 1.2500, and im currently stable at 400 * 9 @1.28, 5-5-5-12 @ +0.2. And mobo now supports .5 multiply increases. I'd like to say thankyou, for helping me through this.
  15. That's great news. My motherboard has a new bios update but, unfortunately I'm still trying to figure out why it's saying the file is invalid. Goddamn MSI.
  16. MSI, lol.
  17. gtf6 said:
    MSI, lol.

    Glad to see your BIOS update gave you 45nm support. Now you should be able to OC just rasing the multiplier (at least up to a point) since your CPU is a QX9650.

    Good luck
  18. There's nothing wrong with MSI, I got the bios update working after. My only complaint is they're located mainly in china.

    Asus is a taiwanese company too. And gigabyte is also a taiwanese company. They all have their disadvantages since there is a bigger market for motherboards.
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