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My networking computer keeps getting dropped. I have a Belkin router and networking device. It will show connected and then drop the connection.
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  1. routers can have priority setting that allow some traffic to over ride others, you can download the full manual for the router and check all the settings, and your security or replace the router with a better one, N speed is can possibly add an external high gain antenna to the router, like a Hawking...this will increase connectivity to a degree, but you have to realize that any obstruction between the router and the device is going to drop your signal. and you are going to have interference from cordless phone systems and microwave ovens, etc...and interference from other local networks, you can possibly set the channel to a different frequency
  2. Thanks for your help, I'll give it a try.
  3. It also occurs to me that your router may be defective. I bought a Belkin router recently and in less than 14 days it failed.
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