Windows XP won't boot at all, trying to reinstall! PLEASE HELP!

I was reinstalling Windows XP on an old laptop of my friends when the laptops power ran out at some point during the process!
After charging the laptop just will not proceed passed "HP invent Press <ESC> to change boot order..." etc, well it goes to a black screen then sort of loops.

I have tried to create my own bootable ISO Windows XP CD but had no luck! Tried it with NERO and others.

Currently trying to create a bootable flash drive, so I'll see where that takes me!

Can you please help me resolve this issue, the time I have to do this is reducing and my friend needs his laptop back!

Any person data does not need to be saved.

I'll be greatful for any help, I know this is probably a pretty easy fix but I can't afford a trial 'n error session with the amount of CDs I have.
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  1. The flash drive did not work...

    Please Heeelp!
  2. I've given up for tonight, but please help me by the morning! Ruining my weekend!
  3. How far in the install process did you get? Since you don't have the install disc, I assume you used the restore partition?
  4. aford10 said:
    How far in the install process did you get? Since you don't have the install disc, I assume you used the restore partition?

    I really couldn't say, one moment it was fine, I blinked then it was off.

    I don't have an official install CD so I made my own but burning an ISO but I can't get the laptop to boot from same CD or any others that I have made, so I don't know if I am making them correctly?

    Holla! :cry:
  5. C'mon TomsHardware! Don't let me down! :(
  6. You'll need to go into the BIOS, and change the first boot device. Sometimes it helps to disable all the other boot devices. Then it should boot off the disc, if it was burned right.
  7. I did all that, I managed to find an official XP Home CD which worked so finally managed to get it to a stable situation!
    What my friend asked me to do was sort out the slow scroll problem where the screen repaints when you scroll on a webpage but was unable to do this, I tried the driver for the Gcard but the laptop blue screen then restarted halfway through installation!

    Thanks anyway aford10!
  8. You may want to check disk management, and see if there is a recovery partition. You could just restore it to the factory settings.
  9. Don't think there is, old laptop with only partition for OS
  10. Then your best bet is to contact HP and request some recovery discs.
  11. hmm, if u do have an official installation cd
    and if u can, jus format the entire hard drive if u can reach tht stage, n try re installin from there.
    and u shud chnge the order of boot priority to d cd
    disconnect the internet and also unwanted HDD's or other CD roms..

    also, chk the RAM's.. jus remove and re insert them, to chk if nythin is wrong.
    since it is a lappy it might b a bit complicated to open up, but it is for the best :)

    hope u solve it soon n get ur system up and runnin soon :D
  12. also, chk

    one of the mods had this up...
    shud b helpful too i hope :)
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