Asus a8n-la cant find drivers anywhere!

Hey everyone i have looked everywhere for the chipset and "other pci bridge" drivers for my asus a8n-la geforce 6150 LE Socket 939 mobo. It just came in today.. without the driver cd.. tnx! Newayz any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Sry i forgot to update.. i did find most the drivers on that site ^^^ but i cant find the "other pci bridge" driver.. its not the fax chipset lan or audio.. it could be the usb tho cuz thats the only other on board device..except i dont see it on the site.. any ideas?
  2. check asus online store.
  3. Here is what I found for my A8N-LA loaded with WinXPx64

    and here is a link for x32 that should work (not tested)

    The links above going to HP will only give you specs, these are the bridge drivers.
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